Unique Ideas for Corner Lever Punches

By Lisa Storms

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Supply list

  • Assorted cardstock


    Patterned papers


    White mini pom-pom

    Scrapbook paper


The white corner-guide can be removed to give your punch even more options. The most common use for slotted corner punches is typically to frame photos. This comes particularly handy when sending out photo cards and announcements since the recipient is invited to remove the photo for their own use without worrying about adhesive.


This baby announcement shows an example. For this Roman Frame Lever Corner Punch, cut your mat approximately 5/8" wider and taller than your photo and punch all corners with the corner guide in the punch for perfect alignment. Placing matted photos in your scrapbook pages is accomplished the same way.


This baby announcement is kept simple by adding a ribbon and two star punches above a punched border. But this border wasn't created with a border punch, it's actually a Corner Lever Punch in disguise. This next card will show you how.


The border-punched grass in this "Hoppy Easter" card shows another use for the new Corner Lever Punches. First remove the white corner guides from the Lace Corner Lever Punch (as shown at top) by pulling apart. Place your cardstock into the punch all the way until it cannot go any further. This ensures each punch will be at the same height without any measuring. Punch and move sideways aligning the left side with the right side of the previous punch. Punch again and continue down the line until you have the desired border length.


Since using this method makes the border a set height, to make the grass taller for this card I simply cut out another block of cardstock the same width to adhere below border and covered the seam with a ribbon. This card is rounded out with the Limited Edition Bunny Hop Squeeze Punch topped with a mini pom-pom tail beside a pierced hop trail. The greeting is on an Oval 'n Oval Again Squeeze Punch to mimic an Easter egg.


This final card shows you can frame much more than photos. The front of the card hosts a dramatic matting for simple stamped butterflies from the 4x8 inch Butterfly Magic clear stamps, while the inside houses a gift card.


For the Trumpeting Vine Corner Lever Punch, cut your cardstock approximately ¼" wider and taller than what you are matting before punching all corners. As you can see, these punches can be quite useful and versatile as well as beautiful!