Spring Cards

By Lisa Storms

Difficulty level


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Tools used

  • Butterfly Pop-Up Punch
  • Seal of Approval Squeeze Punch (Large)
  • That’s Amore Squeeze Punch (Medium)
  • Circle Pop-Up Punch
  • Pinking Paper Edger
  • Scallop Paper Edger
  • Micro-Tip® Scissors (No. 5)


Daffodil Card



The first flowers I think of in Spring are daffodils and tulips. To me they are that first sign of Spring. Here is how to create these cheerful flowers with paper.

1. Cut out a 1.5 inch star using from yellow cardstock using the star template and Ultra ShapeXpress on a craft mat.

2. Punch a 1/16 inch hole at center to both mark the center and to prepare for a brad later.

3. Fold each star point in half to create dimension.



4. Punch a circle pop-up punch into yellow or orange cardstock. Center a large scallop circle squeeze punch over the negative of the circle and punch again.

5. Cut a slit between two scallops to the center hole. Add one glue dot on each side of the cut, one on the front, and one on the back on the other side of the cut.

6. Spiral the circle into a cone following the interior curve being sure to begin with the first glue dot on the outside of spiral to adhere to coil. The ending glue dot will adhere it closed. I like to use a sharpened pencil for this step (as shown) to keep a good shape easily.



7. To use on a card, stand cone up on table and gently press back scallops before pressing down evenly with your thumb on the center of the cone to flatten. This flattens the flower for an envelope, but also shrinks the center hole to allow a brad to hold the flower together. Tip: To create these flowers for a craft project where dimension isn’t an issue, skip the flattening step and adhere cone to flower center using liquid glue (allow to dry fully before handling) over a 1/4 inch circle punched from same color as center.



8. Add flattened cone to flower at center using brad and add a cardstock stem.

9. Assemble a trio of flowers on card front with stems intersecting and top with ribbon bow.

Pop-up Spring Card 



The front of this card is flooded with butterflies. Other than flowers, I can’t think of a better way to welcome Spring. Fiskars has lots of butterfly options, and it’s fun to mix and match for interest!



As pretty as the card front is, the surprise inside is the show-stealer. A hidden spiraling "spring" pops out for a literal and humorous take on the word spring. Here’s how to make one.

1. Punch a 2 inch circle from cardstock (or cut a 2 inch circle using the circle template and Ultra ShapeXpress).

2. Cut a spiral from the outside to middle of circle. I like to just freehand cut, but you can also lightly trace out a spiral before cutting to be erased.



3. Add a glue dot at the beginning of spiral to adhere to the second side of card interior. Add a glue dot at center of spiral on top and carefully close the card to adhere. Reopen and you have a pop-up spring!

4. Cover up the end of spiral with a sentiment and scatter a few more butterflies inside.

Rain Boots with Tulips Card



Rain boots are a classic (and cute) Spring icon. They can be added in pairs to cards for baby showers, "make a splash" cards, and cheering up someone letting them know "gray skies are gonna clear up". It is fun trying out different patterned papers, and adding a glossy coat is the perfect finishing touch! Here’s how to make both the boots and a creative way to put your heart punch to use making tulips.

1. Cut an "L" out of the letter template using the Ultra ShapeXpress. My letter templates are always pulling double duty. It’s great for lettering of course, but there are so many great shapes hidden inside.

2. Cut a slight dip in the top of the boot and add a block of contrasting cardstock at the top and bottom of boot, cutting along the same curves as your boot.



3. Trim along the bottom of boot with only the tips of a pair of scalloped edgers to add "traction".

4. Add a glossy layer to boot (I used Aleene’s Paper Glaze) and allow to dry fully. 



5. Punch a medium heart from cardstock using squeeze punch.

6. Cut off one heart scallop as shown with scissors.

7. Using pinking edgers, cut top of tulip as shown.



8. Add cardstock stems and adhere to card front coming out of boot.