Tie-rrific Father's Day

By Tania Willis

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Tools used

  • Stitcher Scissors (No. 5)
  • Stamp Block Set

As you do that, I’m sure the thought will cross your mind on how to package those fun surprises you have in store for them too! I’m here to share three tie-rrific ideas that are sure to bring a smile the face of your favorite men as you celebrate their day!


Tie-rrific Gift Bag.
A simple white party favor sack can hold a number of surprises, but the real treat is the fun you’ll have choosing the paper to create a traditional tie or a bow tie to embellish your gift bag. This is one of those simple ideas that pack a powerful punch and it’s all in the simple details of choosing a paper that is reminiscent of fabric and adding small button embellishments to pull it all together.

To create the shirt band, you simply fold down the top of the unopened bag about 1 ½” and crease. Then unfold and use your scissors to make a 1” deep cut along the crease from both outside edges in toward the center. Place your gift inside the bag, then pinch the top closed and fold the flaps in at a 45-degree angle. Secure the flaps with glue dots and embellish the front with either a hand-cut traditional tie or a bow tie. Now, it’s time to add even more realistic details, such as; buttons and or brads to resemble a tie-tack.If you’d like, you can secure the outside cut edges of the bag with a small piece of scotch tape to ensure nothing falls out.


Tie-rrific Coupon Book.
Coupon books redeemable for acts of service are a great way to get children thinking about how they can go out of their way to do something for dad. What father doesn’t love to receive a little coupon booklet from his children that he can redeem throughout the weeks to come. These booklets are made with the help of a word processing program and an interchangeable perforation blade for your paper trimmer, and come together in less than 15 minutes.

Simply create a tie template onto patterned paper and cut out using your detail scissors.

Insert your perforation blade into your paper trimmer blade chamber.

Lay the ties onto your paper trimmer at the smallest width of the tie and make one pass with the perforation blade. As you can see you can lay up to 4 ties across the cutting groove before making your pass. This will perforate the paper allowing the coupons to easily tear away much like a traditional coupon. Then, all that’s left is stamp the phrase ‘happy father’s day’, cut out your coupons and adhere one to each tie. Once you’ve done that, gather them up in a stack and staple together at the top of the tie with two staples and you’re ready to gift it.

Tie-rrific Greeting Card.
Lastly, what do you need to accompany all these thoughtful gifts? Why, a greeting card, of course! While the technique involved with this card focuses more on making an origami-folded shirt, we can still embellish it with a tie and call it tie-rrific, yes?


For the origami-fold, I just found simple instructions by googling. I found the folding was made much easier when using my bone folding tool. This especially makes folding easier if you’re using heavy-weight cardstock paper and will definitely make your folds much crisper in appearance. Once you learn the folding technique you’ll find that you can use any size of rectangle and still end up with the same results. To finish off the card with an appropriate sentiment, I once again turned to the same stamps from the Holiday Hooplah set.If you just can’t figure out what to get dad for father’s day, why not gift him with some cash and fold it up into a shirt, origami-style. You can even add a patterned paper tie, using temporary adhesive to adhere it. Dad is sure to get a kick out of that!