Fall Fabric Necklace Project

By Lisa Storms

Difficulty level


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Tools used

  • RazorEdge™ Softgrip® Scissors (8")
  • Pinking Shears (9")
  • Cuts+More™ Scissors (9")
  • Round ’n Round Squeeze Punch (Extra-Large)
  • 1/16" Circle Hand Punch

Leaves would be the perfect embellishment for a fall necklace and a very simple leaf design to makes the project super speedy.


5 Leaf Necklace

1. Create a cardstock template. Punch an XL circle and feed back into punch for a leaf shape as shown.


2. Hold template against scrap of felt and cut out leaf. The Razor-edge Softgrip Scissors cut through felt like butter for a crisp edge. Repeat to create five total leaves.


3. Sew the five leaves together down the center using a sewing machine (or by hand). When you reach the end of the last leaf, leave the needle in the felt and turn the opposite direction and sew back along the same line. I sewed a total of three passes for extra strong construction. Tip: I found the easiest way to run the leaves through the sewing machine was to line them up on a sheet of paper to feed. When I was done, I gently tore the paper away from the back. Be sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of your leaf strip to secure. You can also sew veins onto your leaves for more detail.


4. Measure the length of your leaf strip. Subtract this number from the desired length of your necklace. This number is how long you will need your chain.

5. Divide this number in half to determine how long each side of the chain will need to be.

6. Take a blank chained necklace (mine was $2 at the craft store) and use wire cutters to cut the chain at the determined length from each side of the clasp. (The handy Cuts+More Scissors come with a wire cutter built in for convenience, along with many other function such as twine cutter and bottle opener.)

7. Hand-sew one side of the chain to an ending leaf on the back and repeat on the other side. Tip: Sew on the center line so the stitches will be hidden.


Pendant Style Necklace

That is all there is to it! Super easy but so pretty and full of texture. Since it was so simple, I decided to keep going and change it up a little to try a pendant style. Here’s how to make your own:


1. Cut two leaves in varying sizes and sew each down the center.

2. To create a more interesting edge, randomly cut around perimeter with just the tips of pinking shears.


3. Punch a 1/16 inch hole at the top of each leaf to insert a jump ring for attaching to chain. Be sure not to punch right by the edge or you’ll risk tearing the felt. I added a simple bead to finish it off.

Now that your completely addicted you are ready to come up with new ways to add felt into my collection of fall jewelry!