Kids Crafting – Patriotic Star Bracelets

By Patti Milazzo

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Tools used

Supply list

  • Patterned Paper

For this bracelet she made several stars and strung them together along with colorful glass beads to make this patriotic themed bracelet.

Note: I recommend using light weight paper to create the stars.
1. Cut paper strips 1/4 inch wide and 10 inches long with a trimmer.

2. Start by tying a know at one end of the paper strip. Pull slowly and carefully. Gradually flatten the shape until you have a perfect little pentagon.

Patriotic Star Bracelet 1

3. Valley fold the short tail end over and tuck in or trim.

4. For the longer tail, also valley fold the strip over and around the pentagon shape. Repeat until the end and tuck in the excess.

5. To puff up the star, hold it with your thumbs and index fingers. Then with one of your thumbnails push in the side. Repeat this with each side of the star to puff it up.

Patriotic Star Bracelet 2

6. Once 10+ stars are made, use a large needle to string together the stars and beads using stretchy beading elastic.
Note: Use a thumbtack to make the holes.
7. Tie the ends once you have the desired length and itís ready to wear.
Patriotic Star Bracelet 3

Tip: For larger stars, increase to 1/2 inch by 12 inches.

Other suggestions:

  • Write thoughts or wishes on the stars, then fill jars or other clear containers with them.
  • Use them for necklaces, earrings or as a scrapbook accent.