Organza Fabric Flower Hairclips

By Tania Willis

Difficulty level


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Tools used

  • Non-stick Scissors (8")
  • Circle Shape Template (8 1/2" x 11")

Supply list

  • Organza Fabric

    Permanent Marker, dark color

    Buttons or Brads

    Hair Clips or Headband

    Jar Candle


1. Trace several circles of various sizes onto your organza using a dark-colored permanent marker. Make sure to protect your work surface, as the marker will go through the mesh-like texture of the organza.


2. Cut out circles and arrange in front of you from largest to smallest.


3. Light your candle. Hold each circle, one at a time, approximately 3” above the flame. Rotate the circles above the flame as soon as you see the edges start to melt and curl. Be careful not to burn your fingers while working with the smaller sized circles. Your finished circle should look like this in comparison to the untouched fabric.


4. Stack curled circles smallest to largest.

5. You’ll notice that these two flowers look slightly different---the brown one looking more full than the blue. That is because the brown is made up of many more layers (2 layers of each sized circle). You might also try alternating colors for another variation.


6. Next, you’ll choose a center for your flower. You may simply use fabric-covered brads and open the prong back once pushed through all layers, or you can get creative using beads, pearls, vintage buttons, or even floral picks.

7. Once the center is chosen and attached, you’ll need to pick the hair attachment you’d like to use. You can glue the flower directly to a headband, an alligator clip, or a hairpin. I prefer to glue my flower to an alligator clip giving me the option to just clip it in my hair, or clip it temporarily to a headband or even a knitted hat.


By choosing several of the smaller circles on the shapes template you can even make these flowers a suitable size for an infant or toddler to wear as long as you are conscious of any potential choking hazard based on the center you choose to use to hold the layers together. You may even consider using a decorative cross-stitch to hold the layers together instead.

Enjoy dressing up and having the perfect custom accessory to go along with it!