Stamped Teen Bracelets

By Patti Milazzo

Difficulty level


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Tools used

  • Micro-Tip® Scissors (No. 5)
  • Stamp Block Set
  • Butterfly Magic Clear Stamps (4"x8")

Supply list

  • 1 inch and 3/4 inch wood craft disks

    Staz-On Black Ink

    Sealer (crackle medium or high gloss)

    Hemp cord (20lb in natural and black)

    Assorted beads

    Jump rings

Collecting them can be pricey and if your teen is looking for a summer project, these bracelets can easily be created using Fiskars Stamps and a Hand Drill.


1. Start by taping down the wood disks to a work surface, like the Fiskars Craft Mat, with clear packing tape. The tape will hold the disks in place and prevent them from spinning as you drill.

2. Use the Fiskars Hand Drill to then create holes in the wood disks – the number of holes depends on if the disk will be used as a charm or other accent for the bracelet. I used a 3/32 inch drill bit for these bracelets.


Tip: I have to say that I prefer the Hand Drill over a standard power drill because the wood disks can crack and the Hand Drill is a little easier on the thin wood. Also, this Hand Drill does not require you to put much pressure as you drill. Let the drill bit do the work as you hold the drill steady and turn the handle. When the hole is complete, turn the handle in the opposite direction to back remove it. Brush them off and lightly sand.

3. Next, use Stamp Blocks to stamp the designs with black ink onto the disks. I used designs from both the Simple Stick Repositionable Rubber Stamps and from the Clear Stamps collections. The tiny images from the Butterfly Magic set were perfect for the small 3/4 inch charms. The floral pattern from the Shapes ‘n Such set created a detailed pattern for the 1 inch disk for the other bracelet design.



Tip: If you wish to add color to the disks apply colored markers, ink or even a watered down acrylic wash at this time and let dry.

4. When the stamped designs are dry, apply a sealer. I used a crackle medium for the small charms and a high gloss medium for the large disk. Let dry thoroughly.

5. Add jump rings to each of the small charms.

6. Then to string the charm bracelet, cut 3 – 12 inch lengths of natural hemp. Add 2 large beads (clear) to all 3 cords and push them to the far left. Then to one cord, add a small bead, the charm and another small bead. Then add a large bead to all three cords – this will trap the small beads and charm between the larger beads. To another single cord, add a small bead, the charm and another small bead. Again add a large bead to all three cords. To the final cord, repeat the small beads and charm. Add 2 large beads to all 3 cords at the far right. Tie off each end with a knot and the bracelet is complete.



7. For the black cord bracelet, cut 2 – 12 inch pieces of black hemp/cord. Fold each in half and feed the loop through the hole from the bottom of the disk, then put the 2 ends through the loop and pull to secure.


8. Add 2 beads to one cord; next add a silver bead to both cords; then add 2 beads to the other cord; and finally another silver bead to both. Tie off with a knot after the silver bead. Repeat this for the other side of the bracelet. Finally, tie both ends with a knot to complete the bracelet.