Funky Halloween Fairy Costume

By Emma Jeffery

Difficulty level


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Tools used

  • RazorEdge™ Softgrip® Scissors (8")
  • Circle Shape Template (8 1/2" x 11")
  • Fingertip Swivel Detail Knife
  • Micro-Tip® Scissors (No. 5)

Supply list

  • Approx 3 yards of organza (more or less depending on the age/size of child. My daughter is 5 and I used 3 yards)
    Length of elastic to stretch comfortable around child’s waist. My elastic is ¾” wide
    Length of dowel approx. 15” long
    Approx 8 yards of assorted ribbons
    Black top
    White felt
    Small piece of pink/ red felt
    Sewing machine

I gave the traditional fairy costume a Halloween twist this year and came up with this funky ensemble that is cute and sweet with a dark and naughty side. Just right for my little horror!

To make the fairy tutu I cut my organza into strips approx. 20” long and 4” wide to fit my 5 year old. I used my Fiskars’ Razor Edge Soft Grip scissors which can just slice up the organza without the need for actual snipping. This makes the job much quicker which is helpful because you will need a lot of these. I then cut the ends of all my strips into triangular points.


For the waistband of the tutu I measured some elastic (mine was ¾” wide) around my daughter’s waist so that it stretched comfortably around her. I then sewed the two ends of the elastic together to form a loop.

Next, I tied the organza strips onto the elastic. I first folded the organza in half and put the loop of the fold underneath the elastic. I then brought the two ends of the fabric up over the elastic and through the loop and pulled tightly.


I continued in this way until I reached the desired fullness to the skirt, and I would suggest the fuller the better, so I stretched and pulled the elastic so I could tie on as many organza strips as possible.


To complete the skirt I added some ribbons, which were tied on in the same manner as the organza.


My Halloween Fairy needed a wand so with all this organza flying around I felt inspired to make an organza pom pom for the tip of it. I used my Fiskars circle template set and drew around the largest circle on cardstock. Then I used the second smallest circle for the center and cut it out using my craft knife.


I made two of these ‘donuts’ from cardstock, then held them together as I began to thread an organza strip through the middle and around the outside edge. I needed to tie several strips together to create enough length to go all the way around the ring a couple of times. Pom poms are very forgiving and hide any knots you need to make as you join strips together.


After going around the circle a couple of times, I took my sharp Microtip Scissors No. 5 which are able to get into places other scissors cannot reach and snipped my way through the organza, right between the two cardboard rings. Before completely removing the rings, I tied some ribbon several time around the center of the pom pom as tightly as possible to secure it.


I then tied the pom pom onto a length of dowel that had been covered with ribbon. I tied a few more ribbons around the base of the pom pom for added magic powers.


For the skeleton ribs top, I did a Google image search and found a rib cage template which I printed, cut out and used as a pattern to cut white felt. Another option would be to use the template as a stencil and use white fabric paint to paint onto a black top.


I pinned the felt rib cage onto a black top and sewed it on.

To finish, I used my Fiskars heart lever punch to make a pattern for a heart shape on a piece of bright pink felt. I sewed this over the top of the rib cage.


Happy Halloween!