New Year's Sewing Resolution: June PJ's

By Emma Jeffery

Difficulty level


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Tools used

  • Dressmaker Shears (9")
  • Cutting Mat (24" x 36")
  • Stitcher Scissors (No. 5)

Supply list

  • Nighty Night pattern by Favorite Things

    Fabric – Check pattern requirements for your size

    Sewing machine





    Iron and ironing board

    Small piece of tape and tissue paper (if sewing sheer fabric, like me)

    Small piece of ribbon or fabric (for label)

This pattern comes with two options: a nighty and a cami/shorts set, and since I couldn’t choose between them I decided to make both! It’s June, summer is on its way and I desperately needed some new sleepwear for the warmer nights we have here in Southern California. I used a cool cotton/linen blend in this Ikat print that is so on-trend right now, and a light weight, colorful cotton silk. Both fabrics are available at JoAnns.

The pattern directions are very well written and these items sewed up in no time. I started with the camisole top, and after assembling the upper bodice and gathering it up between the marked dots, I sewed it to the bodice front and back, pressing all seams towards the back of the garment.

Pressing Seams

An elastic casing under the upper bodice keeps the camisole fitting beautifully and snugly. The pattern recommends using ¼” elastic, which I quickly threaded though the casing with a bodkin.

After making and attaching the straps, I hemmed the camisole with my twin needle – a recent discovery which makes a lovely and professional looking hem to clothing.
Twin Needle

Next I put together the shorts in a rich, red linen that coordinated nicely with the Ikat print I used for the top. Again, the excellent directions have you sewing up the shorts in under one hour. They have an elasticized waist band (using 1” elastic). I like to secure the ends of my elastic together by sewing a square with a cross in the center, to ensure maximum durability and minimum embarrassment!
Joining Elastic

As with many of my handmade items of clothing, I like to put in a label to give a professional finish and with these shorts, it also helps to identify the back from the front. When sewing up the hole you left in the casing to insert the elastic, is an ideal time to slip in a little label or length of ribbon or even a strip of fabric, of your choice.

To complete my new sleepwear set, I sewed up the nighty which, as I said, is made from very lightweight fabric. It is sewn exactly the same way as the camisole but with a longer bodice. I recently learned a few techniques for making sheers easier to work with, and they helped me sew the nighty up with very little stress.
When cutting out my pattern pieces, I used a combination of pins and pattern weights to hold the fabric still and to keep it from slipping around my cutting table.
Cutting Pattern

To ensure smooth stitching, I removed the throat plate from my sewing machine and placed a small strip of tape on the top side and on the underside of the hole the needle goes through. This helps prevent the sheer fabric from getting caught and being pulled down towards the bobbin case. Be sure to avoid taping over the holes for the feed dogs.
Taping Throat Plate

I also sewed the seams of the nighty together using a piece of tissue paper behind the fabric. Sewing through the fabric and the tissue paper helps prevent the fabric from bunching up and ensures nice, even rows of stitching. The tissue paper is easy to pull away when you have finished sewing the seams because it has been perforated by the needle.
Tissue Paper

To complete the nightly, I covered two buttons with fabric scraps I had in similar hues, and hand-stitched them to the front.

I can’t recommend this pattern more highly. The directions are very well written and the finished items are beautiful with a great fit. If you prefer to wear something cozier and warmer than this short and cami set, Favorite Things also has a Sleep Well long pajama pattern that I may just have to make when the weather gets cooler again.