Summer Tank Top Bags for Kids

By Lisa Storms

Difficulty level


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Tools used

  • Cutting Mat (24" x 36")
  • RazorEdge™ Softgrip® Scissors (8")
  • Super Sized Circles Shape Template

Supply list

  • tank tops

    sewing machine



    disappearing ink fabric marker


Then I remembered this very simple sewing craft I did as a teenager that could both prolong the life of a tank top and create something very functional. My daughter seems toalways need a little bag, so I decided to stock up since these are truly simple to make.

Start with a tank top. It works best to choose one with a front and back with the same height. Don't forget about tank dresses, too.


If the tag can be removed without compromising the integrity of the garment, use the seam ripper included with the Sew Taxi to remove stitching and free tag.


Turn bag inside out and line up straps just like a shirt, or place them on top of each other with the side seam at the center as I have chosen to do with this bag. Using an acrylic ruler and rotary cutter, cut shirt to desired length of bag. Pin together and machine stitch along bottom. Turn back right side out using stuffing tool included with the Sew Taxi for crisp corners.


Your bag is now complete and ready to embellish if desired. For this sun bag, I added a ruffled sun design to the front of the bag before stitching together. It's important to do any sewn embellishing beforehand. I had an old yellow t-shirt that I decided could be repurposed to create a fun sun shape. Using an acrylic ruler, cutting mat, and rotary cutter, I cut five strips approximately 8 inch x 1 inch each.


Run each strip through the sewing machine with a basic running stitch using NO backstitching. Pull one thread to ruffle each strip. Draw a half circle onto yellow shirt using disappearing ink and a Circle Template. Cut out and pin to front of bag along with ruffles. Machine-stitch all elements and complete bag as described above.


Here is a bag sewn just like a tank top.


And a couple more simple bags . . . these are addictive!