Dad’s Drink Cozy

By Patti Milazzo

Difficulty level


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Tools used

  • Pinking Shears (9")
  • Sew Taxi

Supply list

  • Discarded jeans (child size works best)

It will hold any soda can sized drink as well as water bottles. The denim cozy will help Dad’s beverage stay cool and it will look cool, too! I repurposed a pair of outgrown children’s jeans (happily donated by my son) to use as the fabric. It’s sure to be a hit this Father’s Day!

1. Use the measuring tape on the Sew Taxi to measure an 11 inch by 5 inch high piece of denim from jeans and cut. I cut across the front section of a discarded pair of my son’s jeans. The small size of the jeans made it possible to use the small pockets and zipper as part of the design.

Dad Drink Cozy1

2. Trim off any stray pieces of fabric and stitch the bottom of the pockets if theyíve been trimmed short.

3. Match up both side edges right sides together and machine stitch .25 inch from edge. This will create the cylinder.

4. Trace a 4.5 inch diameter circle using the Super Sized Circle Template onto another piece of the denim and cut out the circle.

5. With the cylinder inside out, pin the circle to the bottom and machine stitch .25 inch around the edge.

Dad Drink Cozy2

Dad Drink Cozy3

6. Turn the piece right side out and it’s ready to use. Tuck a few treats into the pockets for Dad to enjoy!