Easter Egg Holders

By Lisa Storms

Difficulty level


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Tools used

  • Grass Border Punch
  • Oval 'n Oval Again Squeeze Punch (Extra-Large)
  • Circle Cutter
  • Ultra ShapeXpress™ Shape Cutter
  • Circle Lever Punch (X-Large)

Supply list

  • Card stock

    Letter stickers

    Low temp glue gun

Easter egg holders are a fun way to display your favorite eggs and also make adorable place settings at a meal or party. You can use them with dyed eggs or plastic eggs filled with goodies.


Nest Holder

1. Using circle cutter or Ultra ShapeXpress with Super Sized Circles template on a craft mat, cut a six inch circle from brown cardstock.

2. Beginning at outer edge, cut a rugged spiral to center. Purposely make choppy cuts to give randomness to edges.


3. Crumple up cardstock spiral well to distress.

4. Adhere tip of spiral to a thin cut from an empty paper towel roll as shown.


5. Loosely wrap rest of spiral around holder and adhere (low temp hot glue works great) to a piece of brown cardstock. Once dry, trim off excess cardstock from scrap.

6. Cut a few thin slivers of leftover brown cardstock and spiral around an opened paper clip. Adhere randomly around nest for extra texture to complete.


Grass Holder

1. Cut an approximately 1-3/4 inch wide strip of green cardstock long enough to fit around egg with slight overlap. (Width can be adjusted to fit particular letter stickers if needed.)

2. Cut an approximately 1-3/8 inch wide strip of lighter green cardstock one quarter inch longer than original strip.

3. Punch one side of each strip with grass border punch.

4. Tape taller strip into a roll and add a row of foam adhesive dots along bottom of exterior.

5. Add shorter strip around original roll and tape closed.

6. Add letter stickers to add name.

7. Gently curl out blades of grass for dimension.


Flower Holder

1. Cut a one inch wide strip of green cardstock long enough to fit around egg with a little excess; roll and tape closed. (I learned to add a little after I made mine since the petals add bulk inside the roll. In hindsight I wish my eggs fit lower in the roll.)

2. Punch ovals from desired cardstock.

3. Fold over tip of each oval and adhere around interior of roll.

4. Repeat with a row of smaller ovals if desired.

5. Gently round each oval for dimension.