Fabric Bookmarks for Mother's Day

By Patti Milazzo

Difficulty level


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Tools used

  • Pinking Shears (9")
  • Non-stick Scissors (8")
  • Circle Shape Template (8 1/2" x 11")
  • Coastal Colors Acrylic Ruler (3" x 18")
  • Cutting Mat (24" x 36")

Supply list

  • fabric scraps

    batting 5 inches by 10 inches or larger

Fiskars Pinking Shears and other tools make this sewing project a breeze that even small hands can complete with a little help.

04 2012 Fabric Bookmarks 1

To make both bookmarks, I used a Rotary Cutter and Clear Acrylic Ruler to cut the 4 fabric strips to 3 inches by 9 inches. For the simplest bookmark with the shear floral overlay, I also cut this shear material the same size. I cut the batting 2 inches by 8 inches so that it won’t show through once it’s trimmed.
04 2012 Fabric Bookmarks 2

Next I sandwiched the batting between 2 of the cream cotton fabric pieces and lay the shear fabric on top.

04 2012 Fabric Bookmarks 3

I pinned the 4 layers in place and machine stitched around the border twice. Then I simply trimmed the edges with the Pinking Shears to finish. For the quilted circle flower bookmark, I made the same basic bookmark with only the 2 cotton fabric layers and the batting. I lightly drew stems and leaves with a pencil and machine stitched this twice.

To create the flower accents, I cut flowers from a large print fabric and pieces of cream cotton as well as small circles of batting. I used the Circle Shape Template to size and trace the batting circles.

04 2012 Fabric Bookmarks 4

I sandwiched the batting between the flower print and plain cotton pieces and pinned them. Then I machine stitched around each circle, starting from the center and working my way out. Finally, I trimmed each flower with the Pinking Shears.
04 2012 Fabric Bookmarks 5

To complete this bookmark, I stitched small beads onto the center of each flower and onto the bookmark itself.
04 2012 Fabric Bookmarks 6