Quick Holiday Gifts for Teachers

By Lisa Storms

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Tools used

  • Texture Plates - 6pk Asst. II
  • Oval 'n Oval Again Squeeze Punch (Extra-Large)
  • Round ’n Round Squeeze Punch (Extra-Large)
  • Round 'n Round Squeeze Punch (Large)
  • Circle Pop-Up Punch
  • All That Glitters Clear Stamps (3"x6")

Travel Cup


1. To dress up the reusable cup add a faux scarf of felt. Cut an extra sliver from each slit to make the fringe really stand out.

2. Sew or hot glue two strips together to fit around around the cup. Cut a couple slits at each end to mimic a scarf.

3. Add a sentiment by tying a tag onto the scarf or make a trendy flag.

4. Take a bamboo skewer and add a bead with small hole to the pointed end and screw on tightly.

5. Cut a flag and stamp a sentiment or add a snowflake embellishment then glue to the wooden skewer.

5. Add a bead to the top of the skewer. (You may need to trim a little from the tip depending on the size of the bead hole.) Add a little super glue if it is not secure. This skewer can be inserted into the drink opening at the top of the cup. You may need to trim some from the bottom of the skewer for a good height.

6. Fill with packets of hot chocolate

Coolest Teacher Card



1. Using the Snowflake texture plate, place a sheet of printer paper on top and color with crayons. There’s no need to peel off the crayon wrapper. The flat end of the crayon works great for this to color back and forth. Play around with adding in multiple colors for a gorgeous look. Trim you child’s masterpiece to fit on the front of a folded card and add a fun sentiment.

Reindeer Gift Bag


1. A few standard shapes is all you need: a large oval from the oval shape template layered under a circle punched nose and two oval punches for eyes layered under two pop-up circle punched pupils.

2. To add glitter to the punched nose, coat with glue (I use a little paintbrush) and sprinkle to cover with red glitter.

3. The antlers are rolled into the top of the stapled bag. Just take three brown chenille stems and twist into one. Fold over each stem at the end and twist to form antlers. Bend each side up once secured inside top of bag.

4. The bag can house little treats or candy, a gift card, or a card and artwork from your child.

Snowman Cupcake


1. Bake standard sized cupcakes and frost white. Avoid frosting all the way to the edge. Leaving that barrier will be helpful when packaging. Add upside-down chocolate chips for eyes and a mouth and a candy corn nose.


2. Drop the cupcake into a short nine ounce plastic cup.

3. Add white snowflakes to the bag. Stamp snowflakes from the All That Glitters using white permanent solvent ink.


4. Print out a theme-appropriate 'thanks snow much’ sentiment and punch with an XL circle squeeze punch and a holiday greeting onto a large circle. Adhere the two together to form a simple snowman tag.

5. Add a handwritten note to the back and punch a hole at the top to hang from ribbon.

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