Kids’ Art Display Banner

By Stacey Kingman

Difficulty level


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Tools used

  • Non-stick Scissors (8")
  • Cutting Mat (18" x 24")

Supply list

  • Fabric Scraps

    Natural Canvas Fabric



    Fabric Glue


    Sewing Machine


    Cardstock (for patterns)

So I created a wall banner to display some of that precious art, and it doubles as room décor, so every once in a while, when we take the art down, the banner can remain hanging in my boys’ room because it matches their bedding.

Full Banners no art_rev


1. Cut two triangles to use as patterns. The larger one is 8 inches by 11 inches, and the smaller one is 6 inches by 8 inches. Cut another flag pieces that is 4 inches by 7.5 inches with a 2.5-inch notch cut into one end.


2. Using the rotary cutter and see-through acrylic ruler, cut seven 9-inch by 12-inch double layers of muslin to make the large flags and three that are 5 inches by 8 inches to make the smaller ones. I easily cut two layers at one time. Cut six 5-inch by 8-inch rectangles for the notched flags. Choose the fabrics for each flag and cut pieces for each to stack onto the muslin layers. You will have 16 stacks of three layers each.

3. Use the cardstock shapes to trace a flag pattern on each set of three layers. Using a variety of thread colors, sew around the traced lines at least three times so that each triple-layered flag has a contrasting thread border. Cut out each flag so that there is a about an eigth-inch raw edge on the outside border.


4. All of the stars are also three layers, two layers of muslin and one layer of the top fabric piece. I wanted the star to be unique and a little imperfect, so I drew it myself and then traced it onto a rectangles of layered fabrics, stitched around the tracing, then cut out the star. Tip: Like the flags, it is much easier to stitch the star, THEN cut it out. I adhered all of these stars with fabric glue. Tip: You could do stars on every flag, monograms on some, make stripes or dots, make some “natural” and then paint on them...the possibilities are endless. Just remember that you’ll be adding art that your kids will have created, and you don’t want all of your craftiness to be competing with their craftiness.

That’s why mine has just a few stars and only about five colors.


Cut thirty-two pieces of ribbon and sew two at the top of each banner piece with a button on each piece, making the loops one inch long. Tip: The loops need to all be the same size so that the banner pieces will hang evenly.

Full Banners no art side_rev

5. Cut two pieces of rope to four feet and five feet. Arrange the pieces, then thread them onto the rope. Tip: Use a rope that is not too smooth because you want your flags to stay where you put them and not all slide toward the center. The flags do need to remain moveable because your child’s art will be changing often and the ability to rearrange is a must.

Full Banners no art1_rev

6. Add art. Add more art. Let the kids change things around. Tip: Resist the urge to try to keep it uncluttered. At least the art is off of the refrigerator now!