Paper Globes

By Tania Willis

Difficulty level


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Tools used

  • Circle Lever Punch (XX-Large)
  • Circle Lever Punch (X-Large)
  • Softgrip® Detail Knife
  • 1/16" Circle Hand Punch

Whether you’re decorating for a holiday party or a birthday celebration, or even just accenting a corner in a bedroom, a paper globe is the perfect accent. They are very simple and quite affordable to make.


All you need is a circle punch, some cardstock, dry adhesive (i.e. tape runner or mini-glue dots), and a scoring tool.


First, punch 20 circles from various patterns of coordinating cardstock or from just one solid color. Print the accompanying template. Cut out the triangle for the size circle punch you’ll be using and transfer the shape to chipboard—recycled cereal boxes are perfect for this!


Lay your triangle shape in the center of a circle and use your scoring tool to make score lines along all three sides of the triangle. Repeat for the remaining 19 circles. TIP: The backside of the detail knife is perfect for making score markings. It works best when you hold the handle of the knife more parallel with the paper instead of in a more perpendicular position.


Fold along all crease lines.


Adhere 5 circles together to form the top of the globe. Repeat with 5 more forming the base of the globe.


Adhere the remaining 10 circles together to form a long chain.

Looking at the chain you’ll notice 5 un-adhered flaps at the top of the chain, 5 at the bottom of the chain and 2 at the end. For the first globe you make, I highly recommend you label the flap on what will be the inside with “T” for top, “B” for bottom and “E” for end.

You’ll match-up and adhere the five flaps labeled “T” with the flaps on the top of the globe and then adhere the two “E” flaps together. Then, finish the globe by adhering the flaps from the base of the globe.


If you wish to hang your globes, I recommend punching a small hole using a hand-held hole punch in one of the flaps after the globe is assembled and hanging them with fishing line or stretchy jewelry cording.

Globes Shown: The multi-patterned globe uses the XXXX-Large Circle Lever Punch, the pink globe uses the XX-Large Circle Lever Punch, and the turquoise globe used the X-Large Circle Lever Punch.