Shaped Punched Flowers

By Tammy Tutterow

Difficulty level


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Tools used

  • Oopsie Daisy Squeeze Punch (Extra-Large)
  • Seal of Approval Squeeze Punch (Extra-Large)
  • Flower Lever Punch (Small)
  • 1/4" Circle Hand Punch
  • 1/16" Circle Hand Punch
  • Petals from Scratch Clear Stamps (4"x8")
  • For the Birds Clear Stamps (4"x8")
  • Embossing Stylus - Dimension Burnisher

Supply list

  • Smooth cardstock (I used plain white and added color with markers)
    Thread wrapped floral wire
    Paper piercer and foam mat
    Quick dry clear liquid glue


Stacked and Shaped Flowers:

Punch 6 flowers with the XL Oppsie Daisy Squeeze Punch. Punch 1 small flower with the Small Flower Lever Punch.


Use a 1/4” Hand Punch to punch a hole in the center of the six large flowers. Use a 1/16” Hand Punch to punch a hole in the center of the small flower. (I used white cardstock for all of my flowers. I used a marker to color the small flower yellow.)

Set the small flower aside.

Make a single cut in two of the flowers between two petals to the center hole. Cut away one petal from two of the flowers. Cut two petals away from the remaining two large flowers.


Adhere the two petals together on each side of the cut to create one single petal from two. This will create a slight cone shape in your flowers.


Wrap the petals around a round object about the same diameter as a pencil to create a curved shape to the petals (I used my embossing stylus).

Adhere the two flowers together that have seven petals, adhere the two flowers together that have six petals, and adhere the two flowers together that have five petals.


Stack and adhere together the three flowers. The bottom flower should be the one made from the seven petal flowers, then the six petal flowers, and then the five petal flowers on top.

Make a small loop in the end of a piece of floral wire.


Feed the wire through the center of the small flower. Place it on the stem all the way at the top next to the loop in the wire.


Place a small amount of glue in the center of the large flower stack. Feel the wire through the center hole of the assembled flower. Place the flower at the top of the wire next to the small flower. Press the large flower next to the small so that they adhere together.


Stamp two leaves for each flower you plan to make.

Pierce two small holes in each leaf with a paper piercer.


Feed the leaves onto the wire. A small drop of glue on the underside of the leaf next to the wire will help hold it in place.

Twirled Flowers:


Punch cardstock with any large or XL round punch. A punch with a shaped edge like a scallop or Spring Flora work best.


Use a 1/4” Hand Punch to make a hole in the center of the flower. Cut a straight line from the edge to the center hole. It works best if you place the cut between a petal or scallop shape.


Start rolling the flower into a cone starting with one of the straight edges next to the cut. You may find it easiest to begin rolling the cone by wrapping it around the tip of a paper piercer or toothpick. A small dot of glue along the straight edge may be helpful if you prefer that your center stay small and tightly rolled.

Continue rolling the paper into a cone working your way around the round shape of original punched shape. When you come to the end, allow the flower to uncoil a bit to your liking. Add a small drop of glue along the end to hold the end in place.


Prepare a wire stem as explained above. Add a small drop of glue to the center of the flower. Insert the wire into the center of the flower. Pull the wire through until the loop rests in the center of the flower.

Shape the flower petals by bending them downward.

Display the finished flowers in a small vase or use them to embellish a card or frame project.