Diamond-Themed Bridal Shower

By Lisa Storms

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Tools used

  • LED SureCut™ Folding Rotary Paper Trimmer (12")
  • Banner Year Lever Punch (XXX-Large)
  • Hexagon Squeeze Punch (Extra Large)
  • Hexagon Squeeze Punch (Large)
  • Hexagon Squeeze Punch (Medium)
  • Circle Pop-Up Punch
  • Round 'n Round Squeeze Punch (Large)
  • Micro-Tip® Scissors (No. 5)

The first thing to learn is a quick way to draw lines onto your diamonds, which can be used throughout the shower with the different diamond techniques. In this sample, I created a chipboard template using the Fuse Creativity System® for drawing a backdrop on a chalkboard. By angling my chipboard before running it through the machine using the Square Design Set, I get an automatic diamond shape. Here is how to draw in the detail lines:


drawing a diamond


Draw a straight(ish) line connecting the angles as shown. Draw a line through the middle of the left triangle and connect it to the bottom; repeat on the other side. Then draw a triangle in the middle as shown. I gently smudged the chalk at the end to give it more dimension.


Gems of Advice

You can create a little book for giving marriage advice in a similar way as the chipboard template. Fold a sheet of glittered paper and seven sheets of printer paper in half and run through the Fuse machine at an angle, as shown previously, being sure to keep the spine of the book just inside the die to keep it together. Then run the diamond book back through with just the tip of the right side of the book inside the square to even the sides. Tie together with a ribbon.


Embroidery Hoop Diamond

Use this same Fuse square technique to cut glittered craft foam to create a large diamond for a centerpiece ring and also to make coasters (shown further down in the place setting). For the diamond ring centerpiece, paint the inside ring of an embroidery hoop gold (or silver). Glue two foam diamonds back-to-back and hot glue to the hoop. Hot glue the hoop onto a cut of wood or molding to stabilize.


Diamond from a Hexagon

Another way to make a diamond shape is by using the hexagon punch. Simply punch a hexagon from glittered paper and trim off the lower sides as shown parallel with the edge.


Diamond Ring Bagels and Donuts

You can attach these diamonds to shortened toothpicks to insert into bagels and donuts for a bridal shower brunch.


Diamond Ring Paper Chain


Likewise you can add these diamonds to a paper chain for a themed garland. You can either fold the end and glue onto the gold rings or cut a slit into the ring inserting the bottom of the diamond. Cut the tip and fold both pieces in opposite directions to lock into place without adhesive.


Diamond Bridal Shower - Place Setting


These diamonds can also be used on napkin rings and wine glass markers.


Diamon Favor Box

Geometric diamond paper boxes are not only trendy décor, they can house a favor to thank guests. They might look complicated, but they are actually made from punches!


Favor Box Demo Step 1


Punch twelve ‘Banner Year’ triangles. Using a paper trimmer, cut six of the triangles 7/8 inches from the wide end. Punch one XL hexagon.


Diamond Favor Box Step 2


Adhere all pieces side-by-side as shown onto white cardstock using an extra strength glue stick. I created a sample using bright colors so you could easily see how they align. Draw in simple tabs as shown.


Diamond Favor Box Step 3


Cut out the box and add a slit on the tab shown. This will be used to close the box. Fold between each shape and glue together using the tabs.

This bridal show is not only a fun theme for the bride-to-be, it is also fun to make!