Football Favors for the Big Game

By Lisa Storms

Difficulty level


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Tools used

  • Shopboss™ Hardware Snip (9")
  • Texturing Tool
  • Notebook Border Punch
  • Round 'n Round Squeeze Punch (Large)
  • Round ’n Round Squeeze Punch (Medium)
  • 1/4" Circle Hand Punch
  • 1/4" Rectangle Hand Punch
  • Circle Shape Template (8 1/2" x 11")
  • Ultra ShapeXpress™ Shape Cutter
  • Micro-Tip® Scissors (No. 5)

Supply list

  • Cardstock

    Cardboard Jewelry Box

    Grass Carpet

There are many fun ways to add personality and team spirit to your party for the game. The commercials alone are entertaining, but it is also all about the food! You can easily add personalized touches to the big game using your Fiskars tools.


Set the stage before your guests even arrive with creative invitations. These small, square football invites are cleverly packaged in a cardboard jewelry box (craft store) lined with grass carpet from the home improvement store. While these invitations require extra postage to mail, you could also skip the grass-filled box and create the textured football card traditionally to mail in an envelope.



Quickly add texture to brown cardstock using texture plates with the texturing tool before cutting to size to fit box.

1. To create easy laces, cut a 1-3/8 inch wide strip of white cardstock and punch along one side using the Notebook border punch.

2. Flip the strip over and beginning in the same position to be sure the designs align, punch along the other side.

3. Trim strip to eight laces long and snip off edges as shown.


To trim the grass carpet, the ShopBoss Hardware Snips are a must! They cut through carpet easily and also include many other fun features, including a bottle opener which would come in handy on game day!


Once you realize how easily you can cut up the grass carpet, you will want to add it all over, such as on serving trays. With the non-skid underside of the carpet, you can cut a piece of carpet to fit into your tray without having to adhere it so you are able to line your trays without damaging them for future use.


Cupcake Topper

These helmets are super easy to make using circle punches!

1. Punch out a Large Circle squeeze punch in your team's color.

2. Feed a small tip of the circle back into the punch to clip off a small sliver, creating the back of the helmet.

3. Then feed the circle into a Medium Circle squeeze punch and punch out a larger, making the front of the helmet section as shown.

4. Punch a 1/4 inch circle between the two.

5. Once you create your first helmet, you can use it as a punching template so all helmets are uniform and super quick to make.

6. To create the face mask, punch a Large Circle squeeze punch from gray cardstock. Cut the circle in half, then cut that half in half, and again to get a pie slice.

7. Cut a triangle into the pie slice to create the face mask shape shown.

8. Assemble and adhere to flat toothpicks to insert into cupcakes.


"Defense" Topper

Another pick idea for topping sandwiches are signs shaped like D's and fences to symbolize 'defense' creatively. The Picket Fence border punch came in handy!


1. Cut a 1-1/8 inch wide strip of white cardstock and punch along one side using the Picket Fence border punch.

2. Flip the strip over and beginning in the same position to be sure the designs align, punch along the other side.

3. Trim off a set of five pickets and cut the bottom points.

4. Adhere to flat toothpicks to insert into sandwiches. Use letter stickers for the D. If you don't have any on hand, try creating your own using circle-punched cardstock trim with one side straight. Cut out center using a craft knife on a cutting mat.


Football Thank You Notes

Leave your guests with a final, fun thank you, especially for the kids. Create clever penalty flags by wrapping a candy pop or other edible goodie inside a yellow napkin. Tie on a "We had a ball!" sentiment resembling football laces.

1. To create the football, cut a circle from brown cardstock using the Circles template with the Ultra ShapeXpress on a craft mat.

2. Slide the circle template down to create a football shape on the cut circle and trim off one side.

3. Add paper laces as shown above for the invitation and top with a paper strip sentiment.

4. Punch a hole to tie onto favors.