Thanksgiving Kids Table

By Lisa Storms

Difficulty level


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Tools used

  • Corrogate Paper Crimper
  • My Funny Valentine Squeeze Punch (Large)
  • Circle Shape Template (8 1/2" x 11")
  • Pinking Shears (9")
  • Petal by Petal Squeeze Punch (Large)
  • Scalloped Sentiment Border Punch
  • Apron Lace Border Punch
  • Amplify® Mixed Media Shears (6")

Supply list

  • Cardstock

    Glue dots



    Tart tins

    Clothes pins

    Brown paper bags


Turkey Leg Place Card

1. To create this seat-saver, trim the top inch or two from a small, paper treat bag using Pinking Shears or Pinking Edgers.

2. Push in the bottom pointed corners and fill, molding and twisting the bag into the right shape. Insert a strip of white cardstock with heart punch at the end into the opening and staple closed.

3. Add a name and a place to reserve.

You can stuff them with filler such as newspaper, or consider pulling double-duty as a goodie bag by instead adding a bag of treats inside. A popcorn ball would be a great shape and size.  


"Popcorn Pie" Snack

1. Using a disposable tart pan as a base, fill with goodies and top with a cardstock crust cut with Clouds Paper Edgers around a circle traced from a Circle Shape Template.

2. Bend up the edges and add cut-outs using the Petal by Petal Squeeze Punch. This is enough to resemble a pie, but if you want to go further, run strips of cardstock punched with Scalloped Sentiments Border Punch through a Paper Crimper and hot-glue around rim of pan. The crimping not only adds a pinched-crust feel, it also allows the cardstock strip to mold around the rounded top.


Mayflower Cup

1. Using the Amplify® Mixed Media Scissors cut out square from white cardstock or foam, punch two one-quarter inch holes, and thread onto a straw.

2. Using the Circle Shape Template cut a circle from cardstock, run through the Wave Paper Crimper. Use this for your nautical coaster.


Turkey Clips

1. Using the Apron Lace Border Punch, punch along each side of a 2" wide strip of cardstock.

2. Accordion-fold at every two scallops and staple at center.

3. Pull each side up to meet in the middle with glue dots. Fan out and add a face and body.

4. Cut out a snowman shape and use as the turkey's body with a pilgrim hat.

5. Add googly eyes, beak and wattle.


Pilgrim Crayon Hat

1. Cut out the bottom of a black paper cup (or just paint a regular white one like I've done her) with a Craft Knife.

2. Hot glue upside-down to a painted chipboard circle traced using the Circles Shape Template.

3. Add a strip of paper for the headband and squares for the buckle.


Grateful Tree

1. Using cardstock cut out 2 tree shapes. Fold them in half and glued to each other to stand upright. You'll need to cut a root or two from the bottom and a middle branch at the top.

2. Punch out leaves or shapes so each child can write what they are grateful for. (These can be attached using glue dots)