Thanksgiving Place Settings

By Lisa Storms

Difficulty level


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Tools used

  • Round ’n Round Squeeze Punch (Extra-Large)
  • Diamond Edge Border Punch
  • 1/8" Circle Hand Punch
  • Stamp Block Set
  • Basic Shapes Ultra ShapeXpress™ Starter Set
  • Circle Shape Template (8 1/2" x 11")
  • Cupcakes & More Shape Template
  • Frames Shape Template
  • Super Sized Circles Shape Template
  • Ultra ShapeXpress™ Shape Cutter
  • Clouds Paper Edger
  • Embossing Stylus - 2 Pack
  • Micro-Tip® Scissors (No. 5)

Adult Table


Book Page Turkey Place Card


This dramatic turkey can be made from discarded book pages or substitute any paper you wish!

1. Using trimmer, divide book pages into quarters and roll each section into a sloppy cone.

2. Using a low-temp glue gun, adhere all cones onto a trimmed circle punch of cardstock as shown.


3. Repeat with a second layer to fill in gaps.

4. Trace a circle from the Circles template overlapping the edge of a piece of patterned cardstock as shown.

5. Trim along drawn line with Clouds edgers.


6. Using the UltraShapeXpress on a craft mat, cut a petal from the Flowers template from patterned cardstock.

7. Add facial details with cardstock and pen and adhere onto cone background on top of edged body.

8. Top with cardstock name strip to complete.

Dimensional Turkey Menu


1. Punch six turkeys: two brown, two pink, and two orange.


2. From top brown turkey, trim wattle and feet with scissors. From top pink turkey, trim feet.

3. Adhere the turkey punches in a stack in the order brown, pink, orange, repeating, being sure to only add adhesive to the head, feet, and chest.

4. Using a ruler and Stylus, score a line as shown to fold and fan tail feathers out dimensionally.


Grateful Straw Flag


1. Stamp ‘Grateful’ onto cardstock and cut into a strip.

2. Fold strip in half with ‘Grateful’ on one side and adhere to straw.

3. Cut a triangle into the end of flag to complete.

The Kids Table


Mayflower Treat Holder and Place Card

1. Open a small, kraft gift or treat bag and crease the seams outward. You can also use a lunch sack, though it will be flimsier.

2. Using scissors, cut a curved line from the fold crease upward towards the other side for ship shape.

3. Partially punch an XL circle into the edge of each side of ship.

4. Using a low-temp glue gun, adhere a thin wooden dowel at center. You can saw off extra prior if it’s too tall.

5. Cut out sails using Ultra ShapeXpress on craft mat. The top sail is from the Cupcakes template, and the bottom is from the Frames template. Computer-print name prior, or add after with stamps, stickers, or handwriting.

6. Punch a 1/8 inch hole at top and bottom of each sail to feed onto dowel to complete.


Turkey Treat Holder

1. Cut the back third off from a half sphere of foam. (Leave full half-sphere to make a larger surface of treats.

2. Paint it and small foam ball for head brown and allow to dry.

3. Using the UltraShapeXpress on a craft mat, cut 8.25 inch circles using Super Sized Circle templates.

4. Cut each circle in half using trimmer and roll into cones, leaving a hole at the bottom just big enough to fit over a lollipop stick.

5. Insert lollipop sticks into turkey to hold cones. Be sure to keep all sticks at an angle pointing up so snacks won’t fall out of cones. Also if using only two-thirds of the foam sphere, point the cones slightly forward so the turkey doesn’t become back-heavy to tip.

6. Insert cones over sticks and fill with treats. Attach face with toothpick.

7. Add a ‘snacks to gobble’ sign cut from the Bubbles template and attach with toothpick.


Native American Headband Crayon Jar

1. Trim brown cardstock to .75 inch wide strip and run through Diamond Edge border punch.

2. Adhere colorful cardstock strips to back showing through diamond design.

3. Hand-cut simple feather shape and fringe-cut edges with scissors.

4. Adhere feather to band and tape around jar filled with crayons to display functionally and decoratively on table.