Halloween Appliqued Mini Quilt

By Patti Milazzo

Difficulty level


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Tools used

  • Non-stick Detail Scissors (No. 5)
  • Non-stick Scissors (8")
  • Circle Shape Template (8 1/2" x 11")
  • Ovals Shape Template (8 1/2" x 11")
  • Donna Dewberry Acrylic Ruler (3.5" x 18.5")
  • Cutting Mat (24" x 36")

Supply list

  • .125 yard of black and purple fabric

    Felt scraps

    Quilt batting

    Embroidery thread


For this Halloween Mini Quilt, I used the Fiskars Circle and Oval Shape Templates to design this cute felt trio of kooky characters. With the template I’ve created and Fiskars Sewing Tools you can put this seasonal project together in no time.

1. Use the template provided to trace and cut shapes from felt for each character and set aside

2. Using the Rotary Cutter and Acrylic Ruler, cut 4-purple and 2-black 6” fabric squares.

3. Also cut 3 - 2.5 inch x 6 inch strips – 2-purple and 1-black

Halloween Mini Quilt1

4. Stitch together a set of 3 squares alternating the colors to create the front of the mini quilt. Then do this again to create the back. Press seams flat for both front and back pieces.

5. Take the felt shapes and pin in place in the center of each square. Then using a blanket stitch, stitch around the felt with color coordinated embroidery thread.

Halloween Mini Quilt2

6. Once the felt is stitched on, add buttons to eyes and skully’s face.

7. Cut batting .25 inch less (on all sides) less than front piece of quilt.

8. Place quilt front face down and place batting on top. Pin in place.

9. Machine stitch on the front around each of the character shapes. Remove pins.

10. Fold 6 inch strips in half by length with right sides in and stitch along length to create a small tube.

Halloween Mini Quilt3

11. Use the safety pin inside the Sewing Multi Tool to assist in turning out the tube. Pin the edge of one end, then feed the pin through the tube gently pulling until the tube is right side out. Press flat with an iron – seam in the center. This will be the back of the flattened tube and won’t be seen.

12. Layer the front and back pieces together with right sides facing in. Fold the fabric strips in half to create tabs. Position the finished tabs on the inside with the raw ends on the outside of the quilt and pin in place. Pin the rest of the quilt in place to prevent movement.

Halloween Mini Quilt5

13. Stitch around the quilt reinforcing both the beginning and end with a backstitch. Leave a 3 inch opening along the bottom for turning out the quilt.

14. Turn out the quilt and use the Stuffing Tool attachment on the Sewing Multi Tool to neatly push out corners.

15. Press the edges only (not the felt) of the turned out piece.

16. Pin along edges if needed and stitch around each square .0625 inch from the edge.

17. Add buttons to the bottom of each tab for embellishment.

Halloween Mini Quilt_Template

Note: This is a super simple mini quilt that can be expanded to be 6, 9 or more squares. It can be made as home décor or with more durable materials as an outdoor garden flag.