Kids Crafting: Sock Puppets

By Emma Jeffery

Difficulty level


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Tools used

  • Micro-Tip® Scissors (No. 5)
  • 1/4" Circle Hand Punch

Supply list

  • Felt (various colors)
    Needle and thread
    Yarn (for hair)
    Darning needle

Involve your children in this fun sock puppet project by letting them help cut and stitch pieces together to make exciting characters all ready for storytelling and imagination games. We attached the features of these puppets to the socks with Velcro so that we can change them around.



To make the dragon, I used a pair of Fiskars Micro Tip Scissors No. 5 to cut out wing and flame shapes from felt and stitched them together.

My son sewed buttons onto felt and I cut around the buttons to make the eyes.


For the horns, I cut a triangle from felt and hand stitched up the sides to make a cone. We used the stuffing tool on the Fiskars Sew Taxi to stuff a small amount of polyfill inside and closed the horn by sewing a small circle of felt to the base.


We applied Velcro dots to the underside of the eyes, flames and wings and onto the bottom of the horns as well as to the sock so that the puppet’s features are interchangeable.


My 4 year old sewed buttons onto felt and I cut them out leaving enough room to add eyelashes with a few stitches of black thread. We made the cone hat by cutting a large triangle from ‘craft’ felt (a thick felt) and I punched holes down each of the short sides of the triangle using my Fiskars ¼ inch circle hand punch so that we could thread a ribbon through it.


To make the hair, I used the piercing punch in my Sew Taxi to make about 20 holes in the sides of the felt. I then gave my daughter a large, blunt darning needle threaded with yarn and had her thread the hair through the holes. I braided the hair to finish.



This was a great project to involve the children. They were able to practice many fine-motor skills and they delighted in seeing the puppets come to life. They are already discussing new characters to add to the project and I have a feeling my summer will be spent watching many puppet shows.