Winter Wonderland Party

  • Difficulty Rating: Intermediate
Winter Wonderland Party

Winter Wonderland is a beautiful theme for any winter party! Even if you live in an area that doesn’t get much snow, you can escape to a frosty wonderland for a little while.

My daughter had this theme when she turned one (winter ONEderland) and again as recently as age ten.

My favorite part of a winter themed party is definitely having a hot chocolate bar. It’s fun to find all kinds of marshmallows and sprinkles to fill up the buffet-style display.


For a fun way to label the food items, create spiraled snowmen from white cardstock. Punch three circles in ascending sizes (I used the M, L, and XL squeeze punches) and cut a spiral from the edge to the center and wrap around a toothpick or other thin item. Hot glue them in a row on your label for texture and cuteness.


You will, of course, need mugs for your cocoa. There aren’t many cuter ways to tell one cup from another than each mug having its own scarf! Stamp each guest’s name on a scarf cut from felt and tie on. Super easy and full of personality.


The AdvantEdge™ Punch System makes a dramatic backdrop of lacy snowflakes easy! Punch lots of snowflake strips and adhere together to the desired height of your backdrop. Glue the strips along a dowel to hang or hot glue onto a background. Overlap some of the strips for added dimension. Cut the strips slightly longer than needed so they puddle a little at the bottom for even more texture.


You have probably seen these fun snowflakes before as they’ve been around forever. My daughter’s friends have long been obsessed with making them. I thought I’d see if I could put a Fiskars® spin on them and make all of my cuts with pinking edgers instead of regular scissors and loved the results!


If you aren’t familiar with these, here’s how you make them. Cut six squares of white printer paper for each snowflake, depending on the size flake you want. Just make sure they are all the same size. Fold two in half at a time and cut as shown. Open each square and pull and adhere the inner most corners together in a loop. Turn over and adhere the next two corners together. Repeat for each corner.


Glue them together in two groups of three, and then glue the two groups together at the center. For stability, you can glue each “petal” together where they meet. Punch a 1/16 inch hole at the top to hang.


I used my Fuse to cut out snowflakes to create cupcake toppers. The leftover negative made me think about using it as a stencil. I placed it on a chalkboard and made strokes from the outside toward the inside, covering the entire shape toward the center. I love these! They remind me of what snowflakes look like under a microscope.

Consider a winter wonderland party for your next event for a fun theme easy to decorate!