1 Punch 3 Ways: Hexagon Squeeze Punch

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
1 Punch 3 Ways Hexagon Squeeze Punch

The hexagon is both on-trend and a classic.

It is a fun shape to use in paper crafting. The challenge, use it in three totally different ways. This exercise is a great way to get the most out of your tools!

Honeycomb Card

The most obvious way to use the hexagon is in a honeycomb pattern. This is a beautiful pattern to use in home décor, and is quite versatile for card making by tying in the word “bee” in the card shown. Simply punch an assortment of hexagons and adhere in a honeycomb pattern.

Paper Flowers

Are you big fan of dimensional paper flowers, the hexagon could create cool, textural blooms. To create your own, punch out four hexagons from cardstock and one smaller hexagon from cardstock of a lighter shade. In this sample use the XL and Large squeeze punches.


Fold each of the hexagons in half three times, lining up the straight ends. Repeat this three times, lining up the corners. Use the creases to fold each line back and forth as shown. You can create two different designs by having the points folded out or in. Alternate these two patterns in the flower to add extra depth. For the middle section, make sure the corners are folded in and glued it closed completely.

Chevron Card

Chevron is a popular pattern to use in paper crafting. It easily adds energy and interest to any project. The hexagon punch makes it easy to create.

Chevron Card Demo

Turn the punch on its side as shown and punch beginning at the bottom right corner of a piece of cardstock, lining up the edge with the right side of the hexagon shape. Slide the punch up the right side of the cardstock, punching each chevron shape by lining up the bottom of the points with the middle of the hexagon. To make this super easy, use a pencil to mark the center on my punch (shown) to take any guesswork out of it.

 Chevron Card Demo 2

Once you have enough chevrons, simply line them up and adhere as shown.

Challenge yourself to create three different projects using one punch. It is not only fun for exercising your creativity, it will also help you get the most mileage from your crafting tools.