Easy Child's Pillowcase Dress

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Easy Pillowcase Dress

This easy pillowcase dress looks adorable with pretty fabrics. Plus, it is super simple to put together, even if you have not sewn an outfit before.

You will need two measurements for this dress- the length (measured from shoulder to knee or above) and the chest width circumference.
1. Fold fabric width wise. Make sure that this width is at least 0.75 times your measured chest circumference. For the length, measure the required length and add seam allowances (for hem + ribbon casing at neck). Using the 10-inch Amplify® RazorEdge Fabric Shears, cut the fabric to the required length
You can choose to patch two fabrics together to form a dress like mine shown, or you can make an easier version by using just one fabric.

Fabric, Pillowcase and the Fiskars Amplify Razor Edge Fabric Scissors

2. For the ribbon casing on the top, fold and iron a 0.25 inch strip, fold and iron a larger width (slightly wider than the ribbon you are using) and sew in place. Here my ribbon was 1 inch wide, so I folded a 0.25 inch strip first, and then a 1.5 inch strip and sewed into place.

Pillowcase Dress adding ribbon casing and Fiskars Amplify® RazorEdge Fabric Shears

3. Fold and iron required hem at the bottom of the dress and sew in place. Sew the front and back of the dress right sidetogether. Turn inside out and iron in place.

Pillowcase Dress ironing and sewing the hem.

4. Insert ribbons and your dress is ready!

Pillowcase Dress finished dress

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