Halloween Headbands

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Halloween Headbands

Want to dress in the spirit of Halloween, but don’t want to wear a full-on costume? Well, here’s an easy solution for you – make a Halloween headband!



1. Use your paper trimmer to cut two strips of adhesive-backed felt, measuring two inches wide and six inches long.

2. Remove the paper from the back, wrap the felt strip around the top of the headband, slightly offset. Line up the two ends of the felt and press together.

3. Cut the squared-off end into a triangle. Create a second ear using the other felt strip.

4. Cut two small triangles from a lighter color felt, and adhere it to the center of the ears.

5. Cut a strip of crepe paper measuring two inches by four inches. Fold the strip and gather in the center with a pipe cleaner to make a bow.

6. Place the bow near one of the kitty ears, and wrap the tail of the pipe cleaner around the band to secure.

7. Decorate the center of your bow using a couple of punched shapes, stickers or embellishments.


Witch Hat

1. Cut a four by eight inch strip of adhesive-backed felt. Peel the backing off the felt, and place “sticky-side up” on your work surface.

2. In the top center of the strip, place a couple feathers and curled pipe cleaners. Place the headband in the center, fold the strip closed. Smooth and trim rectangle into a triangle. Be careful not to trim away your feathers or pipe cleaners.

3. Cut a small five inch by one inch strip to create a hatband. Decorate your band using a seasonal border punch, ribbon, or washi tape. Add a few punched shapes or embellishments to finish your witch hat.


Miss Spider
1. Take a small and medium styrofoam ball, brush them with glue, and coat with glitter. Set aside to dry.

3. Cut eight four-inch black pipe cleaner segments. Bend each in the center at a forty-five degree angle to create a knee, and bend a quarter inch from the end to create a foot. Insert four legs into each side of the spider body. Glue two googly eyes to the spider’s head.

4. Cut two small circles measuring four inches in diameter – one out of black cardstock, and one out of adhesive back felt. Remove the paper backing from the felt, and adhere it to the cardstock. Cut a slit to the center of the circle. Over-lap the cut edges to form a short cone and glue overlapped sections together.

5. Take one yard of six-inch wide black veil netting and fold two over-lapped loops at the end. Twist a pipe cleaner section in the center to bundle the netting. Use hot glue to attach the netting to the top of the cone. Glue the spider on top of the “web”.

6. Attach the cone, spider and web to the headband using hot glue.

Supply List

Kitty-Cat Headband

½ inch wide headband

Black adhesive-backed fel

Gray adhesive-backed felt

Scrap of crepe paper

Black pipe cleaner

Cardstock scraps, stickers, or embellishments

Witch Hat

Black adhesive black felt


Skinny black pipe cleaners


Miss Spider

Black headband – ½ inch wide or 1 inch wide

One small and a medium styrofoam ball

Black glitter

Glitter glue

Skinny black pipe cleaners

Googly eyes

1 yard of black veil netting

Black adhesive-back felt

Card stock

Hot glue gun and glue stick