Merino Wool Scarf

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Wool scarf

There’s nothing like a merino wool scarf to keep you snug and cosy, and this handmade version is beautiful and quick to make. Merino wool can be expensive but it’s worth splashing out on if you are making this as a special gift. Besides, you only need to purchase half a yard and there’s little to no waste, so you definitely get your money’s worth.

Start by trimming up the sides of your ½ yard of merino wool. Chances are, it hasn’t been cut perfectly straight from the bolt, so use a rotary cutter and acrylic ruler to even up the long sides.

Next, use your patterned print to make a length of binding. Cut 1” strips from the fabric and sew each short end together to create one strip of fabric, long enough to go around the entire perimeter of your wool. Press the long strip in half longways with a steam iron, then press the raw edges in towards the center, to create your binding. You could also use a bias tape maker.

Open up the binding slightly, and pin the raw edge to the raw edge of the wool. Fold over the short end about ½” and start sewing the binding to the wool along the first fold, starting about 2” away from the short, folded end.


Pinning binding


To make a neat, mitred corner, sew the binding to the wool all the way towards the first corner, stopping ¼” away from the end.


sewing the corner


Keep both the needle and the machine foot in the up position and pull your fabric away slightly from the machine to give you room to work.


Sewing the fabric


Pull the binding out to the side (perpendicular to the seam just sewn) then fold it back down over the seam you are about to sew. Pin in place to secure.


Sewing the fabric


Put the fabric back under the machine, turning in 90 degrees so that you are ready to sew along the new edge. Begin sewing from the very top.


Sewing the fabric


Repeat this process for all remaining corners. When you get back to the beginning, place the final bit of binding over the top of the starting point, sew together and trim any excess.


Finishing the corner


Remove your sewing from the machine and prepare a needle and thread for hand sewing. Turn the binding to the back of the scarf, encasing the raw edges of the wool in its folds. Hand stitch the folded edge of the binding to the back of the scarf by inserting the needle through the fold and then taking small stitches through the wool. If you use thread of a similar color to your wool, your stitches will be virtually invisible.


Hand sewing the seam
Hand sewing the fabric


Make one small stitch on the back of the mitred corners and check that your corners and neat on the front of the scarf.


finished corner of scarf


Using a patterned print on the edges like this, gives you so many options to make a unique and personalized scarf. You could even opt to use silk or satin fabrics to create the binding.

Supply List

Merino wool (I used ½ yard)
Patterned print to make binding (I used about ¼ yard)
Needle and thread
Bias tape maker (optional)