No-Sew Halloween Costume

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
No-Sew Halloween Costume

Halloween is a great time for dressing up, and deciding what you want to be for Halloween is a big deal for kids.  For some, it is hard to decide.

One week they want to be one thing, and then next week it is a whole different costume or theme. But it isn’t always the little ones that have trouble deciding. It can also be the adults! However, once you have the basic costume, you can add the finishing touches to make it something completely new and different!

A Black dance leotard and a simple black tutu

This tutu is easily made from tulle. You need black elastic, tulle, & a safety pin. (Remember this is no sewing!)

1. Simply measure the length that you want the tutu to be and double it! (Example: If you want the tutu to be 10 inches long, but a strip of tulle 20 inches.)

2. Fold it in half and slip it around the elastic, and pull the ends through so it is attached to the elastic. Continue to do this until you have filled the elastic. Attach the ends of the elastic with a safety pin.

After you have the skirt portion of you costume, then the sky is the limit with different themes that you can create!


Little Miss Muffet

Little miss muffet

This costume has a coordinating head band that is embellished with ribbon, feathers, and bling!

Little Miss muffet skirt

For extra costume creativity, add a belt to coordinate with the same theme. This spider is cute: it’s made with pompoms and pipe cleaners, but you could also go for a scarier look if your little monster wishes. Go the extra mile by adding spider rings on her fingers, in her hair, and maybe a scarf or necklace.


Good Witch

The good witch hat

Dress up the traditional witch costume with some glittery fun! This headpiece started with a small witch hat and is embellished with feathers, ribbon, and tulle! There are also added ribbons to coordinate in the tutu.

Don’t forget the broom!

Good witch costume

Now are your creative wheels turning? What if you created a skeleton steam punk costume? Or maybe an Audrey Hepburn lookalike from Breakfast at Tiffany’s?With the Little Black Dress as your start, you can create almost any Halloween costume easily!