Sewing 101- Date Night Dress

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Sewing 101- A Simple dress

Making your own clothes doesn’t have to be difficult or daunting.

Pick the right pattern and a fabric you love, and with a little time and effort, you’ll be creating a wearable item and there will be no looking back!

1. Download the Date Night Dress by April Rhodes. Print the pattern on your home computer and tape the individual pages together with washi tape. Cut out your required size.

Printing and cutting out the pattern

2. Lay your pre-washed fabric on your cutting surface and pin the three pattern pieces to the fabric. Cut around the pattern pieces, taking care to cut out the notches where marked.

Cutting notches

3. In addition to the pattern pieces, you will also need a length of bias cut fabric for the neckband. Use the marked lines on the cutting mat to help you cut the correct angle.

Cutting bias fabric

4. Transfer the pleat markings on the back pattern piece to the fabric, using a dressmaker’s pencil or air erasable marker.

Trasfer markings to fabric

5. Create the box pleat in the back pattern piece, by sewing along the two marked lines with right sides together.

Sewing the pleat

6. Sew the dress front and back pieces together at the shoulder seams using a French Seam to hide the raw edges of the seam allowance.

Sewing the front and back of the dress together

7. Finish the edges of the sleeves by turning the fabric to the wrong side and pressing with an iron. Turn to the wrong side again, to conceal the raw edge. Press, pin and sew in place.


8. Sew sleeves to dress, matching the center notch on the sleeve piece with the shoulder seam. Sew side seams with a French Seam.

9. Finish the neckline of the dress by stitching the bias cut fabric strip around the neck. Press to the inside, fold up the raw edge to conceal, pin and sew in place.

Finish the neckline

10. To finish, try on the dress and determine where you want the hem to fall. Pin, press then sew the hem.

Finished Date Night Dress

Supply List

Pattern - Date Night Dress pattern by April Rhodes
Fabric (according to pattern requirements)
Sewing Machine
Iron and Ironing Board
Washi Tape, to assemble the pattern