Superstar Movie Blouse

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Superstar Movie Blouse

Did your award ceremony after-party invite get lost in the mail like mine? Never fear!

Bring the glitz and glamour to YOU by hosting your own fabulous bash - complete with an award winning handmade blouse for the occasion!

1. Pre-wash and press your fabric.

Pattern and Fiskars seamstress shears

2. Select your pattern size and lay the pattern piece out on your cutting mat. Trace your required size onto freezer paper, leaving your original pattern intact for future use.

Tracing pattern on to freezer paper

3. Pin each pattern piece to your fabric and cut out carefully. Transfer all pattern markings to the wrong side of your fabric.

Pinning pattern to fabric

4. Stitch front tucks to the front of the bodice.

Stitching front tucks

5. Pin the bodice back pieces to the front piece at the shoulder, with right sides together. Sew.

Pinning back pieces to bodice front

6. Pin the bodice front and backs at the side seams and sew.

Pinning side seams

7. Sew the facing pieces together and attach to the bodice front at the neckline.

Sewing facings

8. Cut notches into the seam allowance at the neckline.

Cutting notches

9. Complete the back opening according to pattern directions. Hem the blouse and sew snaps in place.

10. Complete your award winning blouse by adding a small handmade movie label sewn inside the facing. Create the label by using the Party Carton Large Design Set and the expansion pack. Ink the movie strip letterpress plate with a permanent ink suitable for fabrics, and cut a small piece of fabric with the Fuse.

Adding movie label
Finished blouse back

Supply List

Sencha pattern by Colette Patterns
Fabric and interfacing (according to pattern requirements)
Sewing machine and thread
Iron and ironing board
Freezer paper
Dressmaker pencil