Duck Tape® Fascinator Headband

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Duck Tape Fascinator Headband

Put your crafting skills to work and create a beautiful and unique fascinator that reflects your personal style.

1. Adhere two 12” strips of Duck Fabric® Tape together, leaving the release paper on the back of one of the lengths for stability.

Adhere two 12” strips of Duck Fabric® Tape together, leaving the release paper on the back of one of the lengths for stability.

2. Cut this double-sided Duck Tape® into 6 x 2” strips for the large flower. For the smaller flower, cut 5 x 1.5” strips.

3. Make a fold at the center of each 2” strip and tape in place. Pull up on the top edge to create a curved bend in the tape. Repeat for all 2” strips. Repeat for all 1.5” strips for the smaller flower.

Making-a-fold-in-the-petals with Duck Fabric® Tape

4. For the larger flower, make a second layer of petals for the inside, using a contrasting Duck Glitter® Crafting Tape.

Duck Fabric® Tape Fascinator Headband creating center-petals-in-contrasting-color

5. To make the flower centers, cut a 2 x 2” strip of Duck Tape®. Remove the release paper from both strips and adhere together, adhesive sides facing each other. Make very fine cuts along the length of the tape, stopping ¼” from the end. Wrap the tape into a circle and tape in place. Secure to the center of the flower with a hot glue gun.

Duck Fabric® Tape Fascinator creating and adhering flower centers

6. Repeat steps one through five to make two large flowers and one small flower.

7. To make the leaves, lay a length of craft wire on the sticky side of a piece of Duck Glitter® CraftingTape. Cover with a second piece. Cut the tape into a leaf shape, leaving some wire outside the tape as a stem. Make four leaves of different sizes.

Duck Fabric® Tape Fascinator creating the leaves

8. Make small tulip-shaped flowers on long wire stems by wrapping a piece of Duck Tape® around the end of a longer piece of wire (your choice on length) and securing in place. Add a contrasting flower center cut from a triangle shaped piece of Duck Tape® and tape the end on the wire.  Cut the wire to the length you like when assembling it all together.

Duck Fabric® Tape Fascinator making a small tulip by wrapping around a wire

9. Use a hot glue gun to attach the flowers and leaves together securely and bend the wire slightly to shape it around your head.

Duck Fabric® Tape piecing-fascinator-together

10. Use bobby pins or hot glue gun hair clips to the back so that it can be easily positioned and worn.

Supply List

Fabric Duck Tape®
Glitter Duck Tape®
Craft wire
Hot glue gun
Hair clips or bobby pins