Duck Tape® Mosaic Picture Frame

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Duck Tape Mosaic Picture Frame

Mosaic tile frames are a beautiful way to display photos.

These tiles are actually Duck Tape® in disguise thanks to Fiskars’ new Duck® Edition Scissors.

1. Begin with a flat-front frame and paint white with acrylic paint. Allow to dry fully.

Duck Tape® Fiskars Duck Edition Scissors cutting peacock Duck Tape

2. Cut up random shapes from Duck Tape® for the mosaic tiles using Duck® Edition Scissors. They have a non-stick blade coating that prevents the blades from gumming up.

Duck Tape mosaic picture fram layout

3. You can add the mosaic tiles to the frame as you cut them. Since the tiles are tape, they are already self-adhesive to the frame. It does not get much easier than that!

4. Continue working your way around the frame until completed, cutting pieces to fit as you go. Assemble frame and insert photo to add to your home décor.

Supply List

Plain flat front frame

Paint and paint brush