Pre-Prom Party Décor

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Pre-Prom Party Décor

Throwing a pre-prom party is a great way to take photos and fuel up with dinner for the big evening!

Photo Booth
Setting up a photo booth makes taking photos fun and becomes part of the entertainment. I decided I wanted to create a white backdrop so everyone’s beautiful colors would pop. I have found that taping simple streamers to a background is quick, easy, and inexpensive. Since this was an extra special occasion, I wanted to add a little more fun to the backdrop but still didn’t want to add any more color. I wanted the highest impact I could get with the least amount of work and expense (ha!) and decided on intricate accordion circles to hang randomly.

Prom Party Photo Booth making accordion circles

These are very simple to make. Trim a sheet of cardstock to 7 by 11 inches and run the ‘Antique Lace’ border along both long sides using the AdvantEdge™ Punch System.

Prom Party Photo Booth making accordion circles step 2

Accordion-fold the punched sheet approximately every half inch and glue the two short ends in half together to form a circle as shown. I like to use a low-temp hot glue gun for a secure hold.


After knocking out a fun backdrop, the next thing up is crafting some fun photo accessories. Mustaches and speech bubbles on sticks have long been popular options, but here are a few other prom-related ideas.

Prom Accessories - Glasses

Prom Party Photo Booth glasses prop

To make an easy Prom Queen crown, punch three ‘Running in Circles’ intricate shapes and adhere one at the top, center of a seven inch strip of cardstock. Adhere the other two shapes on each side, lower at an angle and trim off excess. Add ‘Prom Queen’ with letter stickers or stamps and adhere to a thin, wooden dowel.

Prom Party Photo Booth glasses prop step 2

Download a printable pair of prom glasses here: Prom glasses

Prom King Crown
The Prom King crown is easy to make and goes along with the queen's crown.

Prom Party Photo Booth prom king prop finished

Feed an XL circle punch only halfway onto gold colored cardstock and punch. Repeat down the edge for a total of four half-circles as shown. Cut out crown with a micro-tip scissors or craft knife on a craft mat and adhere to a wooden dowel.

Prom Party Photo Booth prom king prop step 1

Adhere a pop-up circle punch at each peak. Add letter stickers or stamps spelling out ‘Prom King’ and trim off excess. Adhere to wooden dowel.

Prom Dinner Table Setting

Prom Party Dinner Place Setting pillowbox gift box

Setting up a beautiful dinner table is easy when starting with a white tablecloth, plates, and napkins and adding pops of color with a goodie box at each place setting.

Prom Party Dinner Place Setting pillowbox gift box demo

Run purple cardstock through the Fuse Creativity System using the pillowbox die and expansion kit design. Fold all scored lines and adhere together with the flap. Fill with little treats and useful items for the night (like mints and lip balm or gloss) and wrap with a wide bow.


One last fun detail to add to the place setting is a mirror ball napkin ring. It’s not only dance themed, but nice and sparkly to add some bling to the table.

Prom Party Dinner Place Setting mirror ball napkin ring demo

Trim a 3/8 inch strip of metallic or sparkly silver cardstock with a paper trimmer, and cut the strip every 3/8 inch approximately. Punch an XL circle from dark gray cardstock, cover with adhesive, and line up squares in offset lines. Trim off excess with scissors and glue onto a strip of cardstock adhered into a circle for a napkin ring.

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