Felt Christmas Trees

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Felt Christmas Trees

Looking at these trees, you might think they look complicated. But with the help of the Fuse Creativity System®, they're a quick addition to your holiday home décor!

This is one of those crafts that doesn't take a lot of thinking power and can easily be done while waiting between appointments or while watching your favorite television show.  

Felt-Christmas-Trees-Die-cutting Felt Flowers

First, you'll need to cut your felt into pieces measuring approximately 2" x 5".  Cut the entire 1/4 yard of fabric before starting to die-cut. Once you're ready to start die-cutting, stack 3 layers of felt together, lay them on the Flower Mini Design Set, add the Cutting Plate and crank through the Fuse Creativity System®. Repeat at least 20 times. (NOTE: The size of your cone will determine the number of flowers and the amount of felt you need to cover it completely. For a 6" cone, I used exactly 1/4 yard of felt.)


Separate your die-cut flowers into two stacks based on size. To start the first layer, fold a large flower in half and pin both sides at the fold to the bottom edge of the cone. The tips of the flowers, of this first layer, should be even with the base of the cone. Continue around the base of the cone making sure the flowers are edge to edge, or even ever so slightly overlapping.


To continue the next layer of pinning, fold the flowers in half, then in half again.  Insert a straight pin through the point of the fold and press into the cone at the seams where the previously flowers meet. This starts to form the boughs of the tree.


For the next layer and each subsequent layer, you will do the same double fold before pinning.  You will pin slightly above the layer below and in the space between the previous layer as shown.


Once you get to the halfway point, it is time to switch to the smaller flowers. Repeat the same pinning process as you did with the larger flowers. You will need three large flowers in reserve to finish off the top of the tree. You still fold them in the same way, but push the pins down into the top of the cone instead of the side. (NOTE: For the size of cone I used, it took 63 sets of large and small flowers.)

Supply List

1/4 yard Felt
Flat-head Straight pins
6" Styrofoam Cone