Monogrammed and Hand Stitched Fabric Bookmarks

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Monogramed and Handstiched Fabric Bookmarks

One of my all time favorite things to do is to embroider while watching a good show on TV.

These fabric bookmarks are simple and quick to make, and make the perfect handmade gifts!

To make these, I selected a few different colors of embroidery floss and used them to embroider some monograms and designs on simple patterned fabrics.

Step one select embroidery floss and fabrics

Next, using the 60mm rotary cutter I trimmed my fabric to measure 2.5 by 7 inches. I also used my computer to print out some simple sayings on cardstock. I then trimmed these too measure 2.5 by 7 inches as well.

Instead of using iron on interfacing to stabilize my bookmarks, I used the cardstock to back my embroidered fabric.

trim fabric to measure 2.5 by 7 inches

Sew the fabric to the cardstock using your sewing machine, making sure to add a ribbon on top.

Supply List


Embroidery floss


Embroidery hoop