A Wintery Delight Gift Box

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
A Wintery Delight Gift Box

Use the Fuse Creativity System® to create this snowflake embellishment to make a winter gift sparkle!

These die cuts make the perfect gift box topper.Start with a gift box and wrap ribbon around both sides. Affix the ends of the ribbon in the top center of the box?s lid.


Fold an additional length of ribbon back and forth and affix on top of the box as well. This will create a bow and tails.


Add dimensional foam adhesive to the bottom of the first snowflake embellishment.


Place the die in the center of the ribbon, on top of the box. Then place foam adhesive pieces in the center of the die.


Add the second snowflake embellishment cut on top of the first.


Next, affix a button in the center of the snowflake embellishment.


The final step is to add a jewel in the center of the button.