A Year of Cards: Father’s Day Card

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
cards diplayed on old record player

Is your dad “top of the pops?” These cards are sure to be a huge hit with your rock star dad on Father’s Day!

Does your dad rock?  Well, here’s the perfect Father’s Day card for him.  With just a few scraps of paper and Fiskars tools, you can create these tiny vinyl rock albums to for your rock star father!  Create just one, or create a whole stack!

Use your Fuse Creativity System® and circle design set to cut several circles from the vinyl adhesive-backed paper and chip board.

Punch several circles with the XL Circle Squeeze Punch from white card stock. Punch a small hole in the center of each white circle with your 1/4'” circle hand punch.


circles cut with FUSE die


Use double-stick tape to mount a small white circle in the center of each vinyl circle. Stamp sentiments using assorted rock and Father’s Day-themed stamps. Use traditional inks on the paper center or embossing ink and powder on the vinyl part. Once the ink has dried or cooled, peel the backing off the vinyl paper and mount it on the chip board circle.


circles look like vinyl records


Cut a strip measuring 5” x 10.5” long from a sheet of patterned card stock.  With your strip running horizontally, measure five inches from the left side and score vertically. Measure five more inches and score again vertically.  Cut a notch from the first section using your XXL Circle Squeeze Punch.


using lever punch to cut circles


Fold on the scores to create your small square “album sleeve”. Use double-stick tape along the sides and bottom of the sleeve to seal it closed. Leave the top open so you can slip your album inside. 

Use your stamps, washi tape and embellishments to decorate your album sleeves.


embellishments and decorations


Write a message on the back of each album and place it inside the sleeve and present your dad with a single or a vinyl stack that says “Dad, you rock”. 


stamped paper for album covers


Supply List

Vinyl adhesive-backed paper

Patterned card stock

White cardstock

Chip board

Double-stick tape

Washi tape


Ink pads

Embossing power

Heat gun