Goody Bag Tag

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Goody Bag Tag

Quickly dress up an ordinary bag of goodies from your kitchen with a letterpress tag for gifting.

1.  Using the Fuse Creativity System® to create a kitchen embellishment label using brown ink and teal cardstock.

2.  Add your name by hand, stamps, or letter stickers and attach to front of bag using foam adhesive dots.

3.  To create a paper whisk embellishment, cut four slivers of gray cardstock 6.5 inches long using rotary trimmer.

4.  Adhere strips intersecting at center evenly spaced and allow to dry.

5.  Cut a 2.5 inch square of non-textured yellow cardstock, wrap tightly around smooth pencil and adhere closed with low-temp hot glue.  Once dry, slide off pencil.

6.  Gather ends of gray strips and gently round them together.  Add a blob of low-temp hot-glue into one end of yellow handle and place ends of gray strips into glue stable until dry.

7.  Fold over top of bag and punch hole (or two holes side-by-side).  Tie whisk onto bag through hole(s)  using bakers twine to complete.