Mini Memory Book

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Mini Memory Book

One of my boys’ favorite things to do is visit their grandparents. They are the first grandkids on either side of the family, so needless to say they occupy the bulk of the attention every time we visit, which is not something that gets lost on them.

Unfortunately we do not live as close as we used to, so when we go it usually ends up being a very exciting and fun-packed trip full of activities.

After a trip this past fall, I had a full memory card on my camera and lots of stories from the boys about their favorite parts of the weekend. I decided that it might be nice to share those pictures and the boys’ thoughts in a little mini-book that tucks nicely inside of this little box and give it to my mom.First, I inked my letterpress plates and then put my 12x12 sheet of cardstock over the whole thing, added the cutting plate, and then ran it through the Fuse. I quickly had all of the necessary pieces to make the base of my project.


base pieces


Next, I put the box together with some adhesive. I measured it and then cut my cardstock to be about ¼ of an inch shorter and narrower than the box so that it all fit inside. I cut several little cardstock cards.

Then I found some patterned paper and started building my little mini pages. I added washi tape on some, punched out some accents for others, and finally added pictures I had printed in a wallet size. We wrote notes and documented our trip.




I added one of the letterpressed elements to the cover, along with a few buttons, and then punched a hole in the corner. I matched that one up with each page and punched a hole in page’s corner.


hole punch


Once that was done, I attached all of the pages together with a small jump ring and then tied on little bits of ribbon, twine, and trim.




To finish off the box, I added a bunch of colorful buttons to the front with some glue dots.




To complete the project, I took the other letterpressed piece and created a little card to attach to the back of the box, with a little note of thanks. I added a couple of buttons and then attached it with dimensional foam dots so that it popped off of the box a bit.




When I was all done, I popped the book into the box and let all of the pretty ribbons hang out the sides.


book in the box


And that was it. A fun little thank you gift for a nice little weekend at home with the grandparents!

Supply List

Patterned paper
Washi tape