Nap Time Door Hanger

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Nap Time Door Hanger

Apply a thin even coat of decoupage medium to the front of a purchased wooden door hanger. Place the door hanger adhesive side down on the back side of a piece of pattern paper. Press the hanger down to help press out any air. Allow the adhesive to dry. Trim around the edge of the door hanger with a craft knife.


If desired, apply ink to the edges of the door hanger.


Use the Fuse Creativity Systemª to create the clock face embellishment.Cut a strip of cardstock slightly wider than the die cut about 1/2” tall. Cut two V shaped notches in each end.


Stamp the word “nap” on the banner with small letter stamps.


Place some adhesive foam on the back of the banner in the center. Apply adhesive tape to the two ends.

Adhere the banner to the front of the clock die cut. The center of the banner will be raised slightly from the foam while the two ends will be flat on the diecut. Make a small cut in the banner on the two ends over the tape. Insert a brad through each cut.

Adhere the assembled diecut piece to the door hanger.


Stamp the word “time” with alphabet stamps on coordinating cardstock.


Cut out the word piece, leaving a slight border around the word. Ink the edges as desired.

Adhere the word piece to the door hanger below

Supply List

Wood door hanger

Pattern paper cardstock

Stamp ink

Therm O Web SuperTape

Therm O Web Adhesive

Foam Squares

Decoupage glue and foam brush