Neat Little Notebooks

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Neat Little Notebooks

With the help of your Fuse Creativity System, it’s easy to crank out these Neat Little Notebooks!

The Fuse is a sturdy machine. With one pass through the rollers, the die cuts through MANY layers of paper, making it quite easy to quickly produce these little notebooks. So easy in fact, I suggest making a dozen or two.

They’re quite handy and small enough to slip into a pocket or handbag. Keep a few in the kitchen for grocery or to-do lists. Keep a couple in the car, nightstand or by the computer to jot down notes. Bundle a few together and give them as gifts. I’m sure a teacher in your life might appreciate a little stack to keep in her desk.

Gather up some diferent paper

To begin, gather some paper. You’ll need a pretty cardstock for the cover, and an assortment of different colors, weights, textures, ruled, un-ruled or gridded paper for the pages.

Use your paper trimmer to cut eight 4” x 8” strips of the assorted paper for the pages, and one cardstock cover.

stack your pages and put cardstock on the top of the stock

Stack your pages and put the cardstock cover on top of the stack. Fold the stack in half, and crease the edge with a bone folder.

Placing your folded stack on the fuse die

Place your Medium Design Set 0189 on your work surface. Carefully place the folded stack on top of the die and center it, with the folded edge to the left. Carefully shift the stack to the right, so the folded edge falls inside the die slightly. That way, when you pass the die and paper through the machine, the creased side remains uncut and the three other sides are trimmed.

place cutting plate on top of the die

Place the cutting plate on top of the die and paper stack, and run it through the Fuse.

remove the book from the die and fold it open

Remove the book from the die and fold it open. Add two staples to the spine to secure, and fold it.

decorate the covers with tape or stickers

Decorate the cover with stripes of washi tape, stickers or a few punched shapes.

stack them and bundle the books together for gift giving

Supply List

Cardstock Assortment of text-weight papers - ruled, un-ruled, gridded, tracing, etc.
Washi tape
Stapler and staples