Photo Frame Banner

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Photo Frame Banner

I am always on the lookout for new ways to add photos in my home. Fuse makes it easy to cut out multiple fancy frames to update the banner look.


1. Using the Fuse Creativity System® to create a back frame embellishment for each photo. I used patterned paper for the front and chipboard for the back.

2. Mix in some cardstock frames with white the frame embellishment design using the Fuse.


3. Adhere photos between frames and punch 1/16 inch holes at each corner.

4. Tie frames together with holes using thin natural cord and add longer length at ends of banner to hang.

5. Add a few spiral flowers or other embellishments to frames keeping it simple to let the photos shine. To create flowers, punch circle from cardstock and spiral cut to center. Beginning with outer spiral, wrap around toothpick and release to relax. Glue spiral down to center of circle to secure.