Pretty Canned Food Gifts

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


This is a photo of a piece of muslin with a Fiskars circle template and Fiskars scissors.

When giving someone a gift of food that you canned in your own kitchen, the colors and textures of the ingredients inside the jar often make presenting it in all it's bare-glass-and-metal-rim glory perfectly beautiful and acceptable.

But with a little (and I mean very little) time and effort, you can easily transform its appearance into something that will make the recipient reluctant to disassemble it to get to the food inside!

A very simple way to quickly dress up a jar begins with inexpensive muslin and a circle template. Trace around the opening of the 5" circle template onto a scrap of muslin and cut it out with the Fiskars Razor Edge Scissors. Add a stamped image to the center of the circle, center the muslin circle over the jar lid, and tie it securely with a length of twine. A punched tag can be tied in with the twine, the name of the food gift written on it if desired. I chose to make my tag purely decorative. I first ran a sheet of adhesive cork through the Fiskars Fuse with the Hexagon die and the newsprint letter pressing plate. I then used the Tag  Lever Punch to punch the tag shape from the embossed cork.

This is a photo of a jar of jam, a Fiskars Fuse Die, and a Fiskars Lever Punch.

The second gift is also an easy one. For this one, I inked the newsprint letter pressing plate from the Hexagon Design Set and again ran adhesive backed cork through with it. I adhered the cork hexagon directly to the jar. I used circle Squeeze Punches and a wooden button to further embellish it, and I tied a length of printed fabric around the metal band at the top.

This is a photo of the Fiskars My Funny Valentine Squeeze Punch and some hearts puched using it.

For the final gift, I used repetition to embellish a kraft paper gift bag. I used the Large My Funny Valentine Squeeze Punch on a variety of different patterned papers, as well as some adhesive backed cork. With this method of gift presentation, there is no need for adding embellishments to the jar.

Supply List

Adhesive backed cork

Patterned paper scraps


Muslin scraps

Printed fabric scraps

Stamping ink