A Modern Easter Bonnet

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
A Modern Easter Bonnet

Do you love the idea of an Easter bonnet, but want something a bit more modern? Try dressing up a headband in Easter bonnet style.

All you will need is a headband, strips of fabric, buttons, ribbon, and other embellishments to add a bit of whimsy. Scissors and craft glue make quick work of putting this project together.

The base is created with pre-cut tulle circles. Layer several pieces together and machine stitch down the center to gather the tulle.


Pull one of the threads and scrunch the fabric toward the middle from both sides.


Glue or hand sew the tulle in place on the headband. After adding embellishments on top, you may wish to trim the tulle by hand with scissors to give it the desired look and fullness.To make fabric flowers, begin with a piece of fabric and make an initial cut approximately two to three inches from the edge.


Tear off the strip of fabric or continue cutting it with the scissors. The length of the strip can vary depending on how big the flower will be when finished. Another strip can be added to the end to create a larger flower.


Twist the strip of fabric vertically and the then coil the twisted strip around itself


Once coiled, insert a pin to hold the flower together until it is affixed to the headband.

Place the fabric flowers in a cluster on top of the tulle. Use craft glue to adhere the fabric to the tulle. Once affixed, remove the pins in each flower.

Add buttons, jewels, or other embellishments to the centers of each flower.


Finish embellishing the headband by adding in a feather pick, ribbon, or any other touch of whimsy that makes it special. Again, you may wish to trim the tulle in places to give it the desired look and fullness.