Candy Garland

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Candy Garland

This fun-to-make candy garland can be tailored to fit any holiday you celebrate.

Hang it from a fireplace mantle, in a doorway, or on your Christmas tree.


Begin by glittering several small styrofoam balls with glitter.  Keep your fingers glue and glitter-free by using a toothpick to hold the ball. Brush the ball with a generous coat of glue. Sprinkle glitter on the ball until it’s completely covered. Stick the toothpick and ball into a styrofoam sheet, and allow it to dry. Repeat and glitter the remaining balls.


Once the glue has dried, cut a length of string or bakers twine, thread a long needle, and string the glittered and un-glittered styrofoam balls. If it’s difficult to push the needle through the ball, use a compass point, awl, or pencil to create a guide hole.


Now, it’s time to wrap the candy. For each ball, use your pinking sheers to cut a piece of crepe paper that’s large enough to wrap the ball. Roughly, the length of the paper should be three times the circumference of the ball and the width should be 3.5 times the ball’s diameter.

Place the ball on top of the “wrapper”, with the paper running vertically. Make sure the ball is centered and the string is horizontal.  Wrap the paper around the ball.


Use a colorful twist-tie to tie the ends.


Wrap all of your candies on the string, except for the glittered balls.


Punch a few holiday shapes, and glue them to the center of each candy piece. And there you have it! The perfect candy garland for the holidays.

Supply List

Styrofoam balls in varied sizes
Crepe paper in holiday colors
Twist ties
Baker’s twine or string
Glitter glue
Paint brush