Patriotic Memorial Day Party

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Patriotic Memorial Day Party

For most of us, Memorial Day marks the start of summer. It's a great time to celebrate the red, white, and blue with a cookout or a pool party! 

Here are some fabulous party items that will surely make your celebration one to remember.

Project:  Layered Rosette Wall Decor

Wall Decoration added to a wreath

Score and fan-fold two 12" x 12" blue patterned paper sheets, using either a scoring blade or a dual-tip embossing stylus. Fold each accordion-folded piece in half and fan it out to create half of the rosette base. Adhere the two fan shapes together. Repeat the same steps to make a red rosette that is slightly smaller than the blue one. Layer it over the blue rosette. Place pennant stickers on thick canvas fabric, then cut around it with Amplify shears. Attach this miniature banner garland across the layered rosette. Use the star shape template and trace it to the back side of silver glitter cardstock. Cut two stars out with scissors. Adhere additional smaller punched star shapes with foam adhesive. Add the stars securely to the rosette wall decor.

Steps to create the wall decor

Project:  Star Rosettes Centerpiece

Memorial Day Centerpiece

Score and fan-fold three 1.5" x 12" strips of coordinating patterned paper, using either a scoring blade or a dual-tip embossing stylus. Join short ends together and flatten it to create a rosette. Use a hot glue gun to secure each one to small circle shape backing. Hot-glue a wooden skewer stick to the back & cover it with another circle cardstock shape. Arrange the rosette sticks in a small bucket with some type vase filler or a foam block. Cover it with crinkled paper shreds.

Patriotic Memorial Day Centerpiece steps

Project:  Snack Cups

Patriotic Snack Cups

Ink the striped Large Party Carton embossing plates red stamping ink.  With a 12" x 12" cardstock, run it through a Fuse Creativity System® using the Party Carton Die. Assemble the cartons together using strong adhesive. Punch 2" circles and large stars using coordinating cardstock and glitter cardstock. Add these accents to the cartons using foam adhesive.

Patriotic Memorial Day Snack Cup steps

Project:  Denim Utensils Pouch

Patriotic Memorial Day Utensil Pouch

Cut two pieces of 4" x 10" of heavyweight denim fabric using a self-healing mat, a rotary cutter, and a pinking blade. Pin the two denim pieces, wrong sides together, then machine-stitch closely all around all edges. Fold one short end up 3" and pin in place.  Machine-stitch the two sides of the folded pocket. Wrap a 2" strip of red star-patterned fabric around the pocket. Add utensils in pocket.

Patriotic Memorial Day utensil pouch steps