Day of the Dead Dome Display

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Day of the Dead Dome Display

I love the bright, vivid colors and bold imagery associated with Day of the Dead – the Mexican holiday that honors our friends and family members that have passed away.

Traditionally, private altars paying tribute to the deceased are constructed and filled with photos, memorabilia, flowers or sugared skulls. I took inspiration from these altars to create this colorful Day of the Dead Dome Display.

Start by selecting a styro-foam disc slightly larger than your glass dome. Measure the circumference of the disc, and punch a border from colorful cardstock with your AdvantageEdge™ Punch System that is long enough to wrap around the disc. The AdvantageEdge™ will punch a strip up to twelve inches long, if your circumference exceeds twelve inches, punch another border and join the sections together with clear tape.

Day of the Dead-trimming paper

With your paper trimmer, cut a strip to back your punched border, and use paper glue to join the pieces together. Trim with a stripe of washi tape.

Day of the Dead-Wrap the strip around the edge

Wrap the strip around the edge of the disc and attach with decorative pins.

Day of the Dead-Cut cardstock

Cut a cardstock circle equal in size to your disc and attach with glue. Mount a glittered styro-foam skull (or several) to a bamboo skewer, and insert into the center of your disc. If the skewer is too tall for the dome, trim with your Amplify™ Mixed Media Shears – they will easily snip through the bamboo.

Punch several flower shapes with your Fuse Creativity System® or assorted floral punches from several sheets of colored cardstock. Layer the blooms and attach them to skewers with a hot glue gun.  

Day of the Dead- Trim skewers

Trim the skewers to an appropriate length, and insert them into the center section of styro-foam, filling the spaces between the glittered skulls.

Day of the Dead-Glue a few more blooms

Glue a few more blooms and some butterflies to the skulls and the styro-foam base.

Day of the Dead-add butterflies

Slip your glass dome over the arrangement, and display in a place of honor. Surround with objects or memorabilia representing the friends and family you would like to pay tribute to with this dome.

Day of the Dead-Slip your glass dome over the arrangement

Supply List

Glass dome
Styro-foam disc
Glittered styro-foam skulls (1-3)
Brightly colored cardstock
Decorative pins
Paper glue
Washi tape
Bamboo skewers
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Clear tape