Fabric Bookmarks for Mother's Day

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Fabric Bookmarks for Mothers Day

Mom is sure to appreciate something homemade for Mother’s Day. And if she’s an avid reader, this simple fabric bookmark might be just the thing to tuck into a new book she’s been hoping for.

Fiskars Pinking Shears and other tools make this sewing project a breeze that even small hands can complete with a little help.

04 2012 Fabric Bookmarks 1

To make both bookmarks, I used a Rotary Cutter and Clear Acrylic Ruler to cut the 4 fabric strips to 3 inches by 9 inches. For the simplest bookmark with the shear floral overlay, I also cut this shear material the same size. I cut the batting 2 inches by 8 inches so that it won’t show through once it’s trimmed.

04 2012 Fabric Bookmarks 2

Next I sandwiched the batting between 2 of the cream cotton fabric pieces and lay the shear fabric on top.

04 2012 Fabric Bookmarks 3

I pinned the 4 layers in place and machine stitched around the border twice. Then I simply trimmed the edges with the Pinking Shears to finish. For the quilted circle flower bookmark, I made the same basic bookmark with only the 2 cotton fabric layers and the batting. I lightly drew stems and leaves with a pencil and machine stitched this twice.

To create the flower accents, I cut flowers from a large print fabric and pieces of cream cotton as well as small circles of batting. I used the Circle Shape Template to size and trace the batting circles.

04 2012 Fabric Bookmarks 4

I sandwiched the batting between the flower print and plain cotton pieces and pinned them. Then I machine stitched around each circle, starting from the center and working my way out. Finally, I trimmed each flower with the Pinking Shears.

04 2012 Fabric Bookmarks 5

To complete this bookmark, I stitched small beads onto the center of each flower and onto the bookmark itself.

04 2012 Fabric Bookmarks 6

Supply List

fabric scraps

batting 5 inches by 10 inches or larger