Festivus for the Rest of Us Card

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Festivus for the Rest of Us Card

It’s that time of year, when December 23 is fast approaching and people are rushing to celebrate one of the busiest days of the year - Festivus.

I would like to encourage you to be prepared for this year’s Airing of Grievances with a thoughtful and heartfelt handmade card ready to present to the person who has disappointed you the most this year.

And in the true spirit of Festivus, I advise you to avoid shopping for trimmings and embellishments for your card. Instead of being drawn into the commercialization of the season, gather some old bits or jewelry, beads from old earrings or bits of old tinsel kicking around at the bottom of your Christmas decorations box.


I also like to put old magazine pages to good use at this time of year. There’s no need to spend money on supplies for a Festivus card.

Old magazines

Use the old magazine pages to cover a blank card or (better still) a folded piece of cardstock (think, cereal boxes!). I used a frame to pull the details of my card together, which I adorned with old jewels and stickers repurposed from an old card I was once given.

front of the card

Print a heartfelt sentiment on your printer and attach to an ‘aluminum pole’.

insert aluminum pole

Putting in the work to now to create this Festivus card will leave you relaxed and able to enjoy your Festivus Dinner and later, the Feats of Strength.

Happy Festivus to the rest of us!

Supply List

Old magazine pages
Card blank (or old cereal box)
Jewels, beads, bits of tinsel and other repurposed embellishments